Abbey Weitzeil, Amy Bilquist Reveal the Stakes at Hand For a 20 Second Flat Start 50 Free (VIDEO INTERVIEW)


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Cal senior Amy Bilquist and junior Abbey Weitzeil swam on the Golden Bears winning relays in the 200 free and 400 medley on Thursday night at the 2019 NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships in Austin, Texas. Bilquist and Weitzeil also split 20s on the end of the Golden Bears’ 200 free relay as they set a new American Record at 1:24.55.

Weitzeil won the 50 free with a new American Record of 21.02, lowering her own record of 21.12 from 2016 before she came to Cal. But Weitzeil, as well as the rest of the Cal team, was a little disappointed to not see the 20 on the board. Weitzeil and Bilquist revealed the stakes at hand for what would have happened if Weitzeil became the first woman to go under 21 from a flat start.