A Voice for the Sport: Open Water Safety

PHOENIX, Arizona, March 3. IN the March issue of Swimming World Magazine, CEO Brent Rutemiller looks at some questions regarding Open Water Safety in this month's edition of A Voice for the Sport. The column is reprinted below:

As an update on the ongoing concerns to improve safety and racing conditions for open water swimmers, USA Swimming has taken the lead to help athletes become better informed when choosing to compete in an open water event.

According to USA Swimming's website, "It is common for USA Swimming member athletes to participate in open water competitions around the world on their own and not as a part of a USA Swimming team. This is their right under the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. USA Swimming has no control over where an open water swimmer chooses to compete on his/her own or, unless sanctioned by USA Swimming, the conditions of the competition."

The information provided to athletes on USASwimming.org is meant to arm athletes with important questions to ask event hosts and officials before choosing to attend an open water event.

Questions such as the following suggested from USA Swimming will help athletes hold organizers more accountable:

• Who is the race committee chair, the chief referee, safety officer, clerk of the course, recorder and medical officer?
• What are the anticipated conditions, including air/water temperatures, tides, currents and potential hazardous marine life?
• What is the contact information and location for local emergency, local hospital and local pharmacy?
• What medical personnel will be on-site and at the venue, and what law enforcement agency will have control over the venue?
• What is the lifeguard/first-responder plan?
• What are the exact dates, times and locations for the race, technical meeting and pre-race briefing?
• Will water quality tests be conducted within 24 hours prior to the race, and will those results be distributed to the participants?
• Will there be a copy available of the written emergency plan, from incident to medical care?
• Will there be a satellite image of the venue showing the proposed course (with dimensions), buoys, safety craft, feeding station(s), expected currents, potential hazards, on-shore landmarks and an emergency way out?
• Is there a detailed map of the start, finish, turns and position of safety craft?
• What are the withdrawal procedures, and what penalties, if any, will apply to those who withdraw?

For the athletes who attend an event without a coach, this is an important first step in holding event hosts and officials accountable for the safety of athletes at open water events. In many ways, this is the accountability that Fran Crippen called for—as a champion for athlete open water safety—prior to his tragic death during a flawed open water event last year.

Crippen died in a World Cup race with no U.S. coach present. USA Swimming spokesperson Jamie Olsen recently told USA Today that this will change as a result. "The organization plans to identify events that would be ‘beneficial to the swimmers' training,' and send support staff to those races. That will include all World Cup races," Olsen said.

The next step to ensure a safer open water competition environment will be from those who sanction open water events, such as USA Swimming and FINA. Both USA Swimming and FINA have commissioned open water swimming task forces that will propose new open water safety rules and guidelines that must be met prior to being sanctioned.

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