7-time Olympic gold medalist Caeleb Dressel inks deal with athletic training company following record-breaking Tokyo Games


7-time Olympic gold medalist Caeleb Dressel inks deal with athletic training company following record-breaking Tokyo Games

GMX7, a leader in aquatic resistance- training devices, announced Monday that Caeleb Dressel, the seven-time Olympic gold medalist who dominated the pools at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, will be joining their team as an official ambassador.

Dressel, who currently owns four world records and four Olympic records, prepared for the Summer Games by utilizing GMX7’s signature training device, the X1-PRO. Dressel would go on to win five gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, where he became the first swimmer in history to win gold in the 50-meter freestyle, the 100-meter freestyle and the 100-meter butterfly, earning Dressel Sports Illustrated’s Athlete of the Year,  FINA’s Male Swimmer of the Year, and Golden Goggle’s Male Athlete of the Year awards.

Caeleb Dressel

Photo Courtesy: GMX7

“I’m sincerely thrilled my relationship with GMX7 is now official after training with their product over the past few years,” said Dressel. “I always look to form partnerships with businesses and organizations that I believe in—who support me. GMX7 joins a list of sponsors that do just that.”

Other major companies partnered with Dressel include swimwear giant Speedo, which is also taking notice of GMX7. According to Speedo, the company plans to promote the X1-PRO swimming device to all Speedo-sponsored teams throughout the world after noticing the positive results of swimmers who use it.

While the official partnership with GMX7 is recent, Dressel has been training with the X1-PRO since its initial testing two and a half years ago at the University of Florida. Dressel and other athletes under legendary Olympic coach, American Swim Coaches of America (ASCA) and 2021 Golden Goggle’s Coach of the Year Gregg Troy provided feedback and critiques during the product’s prototype phase, helping to shape the X1-PRO into what it is today.

“GMX7 and the X1-PRO have been a natural fit for Caeleb,” said Troy.  ”Our pro group has been using them for over two years starting with the testing. The regular use has been instrumental in our strength and power program.  Beyond obvious benefits, it has increased efficiency and stroke corrections for Caeleb and the rest of our group.”

Dubbed Team USA’s “golden boy” by Swimming World, Dressel joins 12-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte and 18-time all-American NCAA swimmer Madeline “Maddy” Banic as official spokespersons of GMX7.

“Adding Caeleb to the GMX7 family is really special, primarily because of the role he’s played in helping shape the X1-PRO into what it has evolved into today,” said GMX7 CEO David McCagg. “Caeleb has trained on the X1-PRO from its inception and has shared his excitement with other coaches and swimmers, so it was only right that we brought him on as an official ambassador.”

Dressel’s fellow Olympic swimmers also trained on the X1-PRO leading up to and during this year’s Olympics. Altogether, more than two-thirds of the U.S. swim team who medaled at the Tokyo Games trained with the X1-PRO.

The device is currently being used at hundreds of schools, colleges and training facilities around the world and is available to the general public. With its lightweight, adjustable resistance, and ease of setup, McCagg says the X1-PRO is something that can be used by lap swimmers of all levels to improve their swimming skills.

To learn more about the X1-PRO and how GMX7 is revolutionizing aquatic resistance training, visit www.gmx7training.com.

About GMX7
Founded in 2018, GMX7 is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and is dedicated to changing the world of swimming by empowering competitive swimmers with the best aquatic resistance training devices ever created. GMX7 was founded by David McCagg, a 7-time gold medalist, former world record holder and winner of multiple national championships, his son Dylan McCagg, GMX7 president, and other members of his family. The first device on the market by GMX7 is the X1-PRO. Designed and engineered by ROBRADY Design, in its first 18 months has been the recipient of several International Design Awards, including the Red Dot winner 2020, IDEA 2020 winner, GOOD DESIGN 2020, IDA 2020 Design Award, the 2021 Gold MUSE Design Award and the coveted “American by Design” Silver Medal.

— The above press release was posted by Swimming World in conjunction with GMX7. For press releases and advertising inquiries please contact Advertising@SwimmingWorld.com.

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1 year ago

Good to see such a worthy athlete sign this deal. Caleb represents so many great qualities both in and out of the pool.

Joe Mama
Joe Mama
1 year ago

It’s a exergenie sold buy a used car salesman.