66 More Thoughts You Have During the 1650

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Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

The 1650 freestyle is a long, long race. Last week, intern Kelly Lennon posted 66 thoughts you have during the 1650, which can be a grueling, mind-numbing event. But let’s face it, you probably thought about more than 66 things during the 15-20 minutes you were following the black line on the bottom. Here are 66 more thoughts that might’ve gone through your head the last time (or only time) you raced the mile!

1. All right, here we go! Only 65 lengths to go!
2. Two lengths down, this is going well!
3. I’m glad I signed up for this race, now I can check it off the bucket list.
4. Geez people, slow down! We still have like 1,500 to go!
5. I feel good, I think I can hold this pace.
6. Hopefully I’m not going out too slow…
7. Whatever, the people who went out too fast will pay at the end.
8. 200 down! Long and strong.
9. Or maybe more like slow and steady.
10. I hope I actually look like I’m moving…
11. I’m so glad I’m not a distance swimmer!
12. This is already longer than my usual races.
13. Only a few more lengths till 500!
14. Darn I wish I could see the clock from this lane.
15. Racing would be awesome if you could see your time while you were swimming!
16. I’d be so much faster!
17. Actually I don’t think I’d try any harder in a mile, this is fine.
18. Maybe a little bit.
19. Long and strong!
20. 500 down! That actually went by fast!!
21. This isn’t as bad as I was expecting.
22. Hopefully the rest goes by that quickly!
23. I have no clue where I am, am I ahead?
24. Or behind?
25. I can’t read the counters in the other lanes.
26. I probably shouldn’t be trying to read them.
27. I wonder if I look fast?
28. Or like I’m totally dying?
29. My team seems bored, this must be a boring race.
30. I can’t wait for food after this!
31. Coffee sounds good too, maybe food and coffee.
32. Gotta refuel, 66 lengths is basically equivalent to a full practice.
33. Happy halfway, woot woot!
34. My cap is kinda coming off, should I fix it?
35. I can’t stop, but what if it comes off?
36. That would suck.
37. Maybe I’ll just try to pull it down when I turn.
38. Yeah, that should work!
39. Ok, that’s better, now stay like that!
40. My goggles are kinda foggy too. Ugh.
41. I can’t fix those. Oh well.
42. This is kind of boring.
43. I wonder if my teammate is tired of counting for me.
44. I lost track a long time ago so they better stick it out!
45. 45 lengths down! How many 50s is that?
46. Uhhhh…
47. Math is a struggle.
48. 24×50, so that’s 1,200! Only a little over 400 to go, yesssssss!
49. Almost there!
50. Shoulders are getting tired, oof!
51. I probably should’ve gone in the distance lane a few more times before this.
52. Whatever, we did a timed 3,000 one time, that’s like twice the distance.
53. I can make it!
54. Only 300 left!!!
55. Maybe I should try to pick it up a little.
56. Ouch I am struggling! Maybe not.
57. My arms aren’t working anymore.
58. Gonna be sore after this one!
59. Swimming never makes me sore!
60. Only 6 lengths to go!
61. I am never doing this again.
62. I should probably warm down after this.
63. Ugh, no thanks. This is enough swimming!
64. Almost there!
65. Last 50!! Last one, fast one!
66. DONE!!!!


  1. Ian Reichow

    I get that same struggle when I swim a 500, Im a sprinter

  2. Andrea Terriault

    Hahahah dautres 😉 haha ha #63-64 ? Marianne Rhéaume

    • Jemima Ridley

      Aneekah Styles what is life

  3. Nynke de Pijper

    Larissa Beernink heb je je ook ooit zo gevoeld? ?

  4. Larissa Beernink

    Nynke de Pijper jaaa haha ik ging altijd liedjes zingen in mijn hoofd tijdens de 800/1500/2000

  5. Nikki Hoogeboom

    Martje Godschalk, dit heeft Frank Beijering toen laatst ook ervaren hahaha

    • Frank Beijering

      Hier komt het ongeveer wel op neer haha

    • Martje Godschalk

      Hilarisch hoe ze het ook uitgeschreven heeft