6 Reasons Why You Should Swim in College

Photo Courtesy: Lisa Hoepfner

By Cristian Corbett, Swimming World College Intern

Almost every swimmer will eventually and inevitably reach the point in their lives where a tough decision will have to be made: “should I swim in college?” Whether you’ve been swimming club for 10 years or started swimming in high school, the question is unavoidable.

So, why should you swim in college?

There are so many opportunities that you can gain from swimming in college that extend way outside the athletic aspect. Scholarships, new friends, and new experiences are among the countless benefits that swimming in college can provide.

1. Scholarships.


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Using swimming to help pay for college is probably the most obvious and practical reason to swim. Division I and II schools can give athletic scholarships that can pay for most and maybe even all of your college tuition. Being in debt is perhaps one of the biggest fears for college students, and an athletic scholarship can help alleviate that stress.

2. Speed Isn’t Everything.

Photo Courtesy: Hayley Good

Photo Courtesy: Hayley Good

It’s a common misconception that you can only swim in college if you’re fast, and this turns off many aspiring swimmers hoping to continue their athletic career. Many Division III schools allow you to walk on the team without prior experience; it’s only the big Division I schools that get the media coverage and attention.

3. The Fitness Regimen.


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Attending a college is stressful by itself, and finding ways/time to stay in shape can be hard to do. Whether it’s to get faster or just to stay in shape, swimming is the perfect choice and those mandatory practices will help keep you in shape and manage your time. Dryland, strength training, and pool time is almost a sure fire way to prevent you from gaining that freshman 15.

4. Instant Family.

rollins-college-genericThe intimidation of being away from home on a college campus is tough, and it can be hard to make friends. Joining a swim team in college is the perfect way to find a group that you already have a common interest with. Your college teammates aren’t just teammates, they’re family. Your teammates can help with the dreaded homesickness that comes with being a freshman.

5. Expand Your Worldview.


Photo Courtesy: Collin Happ

Swimming in college can give you opportunities to travel the world and swimming for a college out of state can prepare you for living on your own. As an out-of-state college student, the difference in culture and the opportunity to explore what the world is like outside of my comfort zone was an incredible experience. Many college swim teams will take winter training trips to different places such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. This is a great opportunity to explore the outside world and see things you wouldn’t see every day.

6. Fun Factor.


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The final reason you should swim in college is because it’s fun. There’s nothing better than making memories with your teammates doing a sport that you all love. And whether you’re a longtime swimmer or just a beginner, there’s nothing quite like the rush you get before, during and after a race.

Swimming in college is more than just a sport, it’s an experience and an opportunity to do the things in life that others can’t do. So before you make that decision whether or not to swim, ask yourself: “Why shouldn’t I swim?”


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    Bill Bell

    And one big reason not too:

    You’re a world record-setter @ 15, a World Champiom/wr-setter (again!) just after your 16th birthday, a seven-time World Champion just after5 you turn 17 and a swimsuit company’ s offering you a zillion dollars to turn pro.

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    First of all, it’s *to.
    Secondly, “going pro” basically means olympics. Very few will make it there anyway.
    And lastly, even after college you can still “go pro”.

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      where is this “*to” you speak of?

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        On Bill Bell’s comment he writes “And one big reason not too..”…
        It should by “And one big reason not *to”

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    Cassandra Workman, Nat Gadelrab, Alexandra Sanchez

  4. Paula Purcell

    Totally agree! Even as an International student.

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    Sebastian Hernandez

    Wow great article! I will definitely consider swimming!!!