5 Ways to Rekindle Your Passion for Swimming

Photo Courtesy: Sabrina Altman

5 Ways to Find Your Passion for Swimming Again

While swimming can get monotonous sometimes, it is easier to get through it all when you’re feeling passionate about the sport. Losing your passion for swimming makes the everyday struggles much harder to get through. I often find myself struggling to remember why I love it so much in the summer months, when I am separated from my team and forced to find the time and motivation on my own.

I find the following things helpful for reminding myself why I love swimming, so that I have the perseverance to push through the hard days in the midst of the season later on.

1. Stop the Clock


Photo Courtesy: Robin Sparf

The pace clock is a staple, obviously. But when you’re feeling worn out and tired of the sport, missing your intervals only makes things worse. Spending a day working on your own rest intervals can make you feel refreshed, while still giving you a good workout without the stress and anxiety of failure hanging over your head.

2. Set Goals for You

Take some time to reflect on your current or past season, but think of it from your own perspective, not that of a coach or a parent. Using this reflection to set personal goals moving forward adds value to each goal and motivates you to work harder toward them. Reflecting on what you truly want and think you are capable of will make you feel more passionate about these goals.

3. Find a New Venue


Photo Courtesy: Erin Himes

Swimming in a new setting gives you an appreciation for the life-long skill you’re lucky enough to have, one that you can take with you anywhere. Hopping in the ocean or in a new pool lets me appreciate all the places that swimming can take me. On a recent trip to Sydney, Australia, I went for a quick swim in the Bondi Icebergs Club pool, which sits right on the ocean. Watching the waves crash into my lane reignited my passion for swimming instantly. 

4. Share Your Story


Photo Courtesy: Mission Viejo Nadadores

We rarely take time to reflect, and talking about why you swim can provide a route to remembering why you love it. Talking to your mom about the early days, your teammates about their best moments, or the little kid you coach in the summers about their experiences can serve as a great reminder of the things you love as well.

5. Keep It Simple


Photo Courtesy: Annie Grevers

Swimming, to me, is therapy, so my favorite solution to feeling burned out is just swimming laps. No clock, no sets, just putting your head down and seeing what you end up doing, whether it be relaxed backstroke or freestyle sprints. Feeling the water without the pressure of drills or intervals makes me feel refreshed and gives me time to think clearly. Keeping it simple for a day is refreshing and always prepares me for whatever challenge swimming throws at me next.