44 Thoughts Swimmers Have After Taking A Break

Ryan Lochte Tired
Photo Courtesy: Azaria Basile

By Kaylie Noll, Swimming World College Intern

  1. Nothing like squeezing into a tight swimsuit again!
  2. Gotta love peeling the stickers off of new goggles.
  3. Do I start wearing a new cap or stick with the one I wore all last season?
  4. Oops, better quit stalling and get out on the deck.
  5. Mmm, I’ve missed the scent of chlorine!
  6. The pool looks longer than I remember though…
  7. And colder…
  8. I think I wanna put my clothes back on now.
  9. Nope, you’ve been on break long enough, you can do this…You need to do this!
  10. I’m not flexible, so I think we should stretch for a good 30 minutes before we get in the water.


    Photo Courtesy: R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya

  11. I haven’t lost any muscle, have I? Okay, maybe the swimmer appetite doesn’t go away on break.
  12. Maybe it will seem warmer if I just touch the water with my toe…
  13. Nope! Brrr. I was right. It’s gotta be colder!
  14. We’re doing what for warm up? Coach, that’s so much, and I haven’t swam in so long…
  15. Okay, okay, Coach, I’m getting in already!
  16. Hey, this isn’t so bad, I’m going kind of fast!
  17. My arms are like noodles. Are they even helping me at all?
  18. It’s only been a 200 and I have how much left?
  19. I’m not going to survive this practice.


    Photo Courtesy: Ian MacNicol

  20. We’re not even halfway through?
  21. I’m definitely not going to survive this practice.
  22. Coach, I really can’t do butterfly right now. I feel like I’m drowning.
  23. Is there a lifeguard on duty? I might need to be rescued.
  24. I’m so out of shape!
  25. I can’t believe this interval is kinda tough now… It was so easy a couple of months ago!
  26. I should have never taken time off of swimming…
  27. Who am I kidding, I earned that break!
  28. Come on, it’s all downhill from here!
  29. Don’t look at the clock, the clock is your enemy.
  30. Coach, I need a water break. Or a bathroom. Or just a break.


    Photo Courtesy: Sue Borst

  31. I need some motivation…okay, what am I going to eat after this?
  32. Lots and lots of pizza.
  33. And soda. Whoops, we’re back in season. No more soda.
  34. I’ll stick with chocolate milk.
  35. Do it for the chocolate milk and pizza!
  36. All we have left is cool down? Finally!
  37. Maybe Coach won’t notice if I skip a 50.
  38. Coach noticed. I’m going, I’m going!
  39. It feels so good to take my cap and goggles off!

    (140822) -- NANJING, Aug. 22, 2014 (Xinhua) -- Anastasiya Malyavina of Ukraine after the Women?s 200m breaststoke final match of swimming event at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, on August 22, 2014. Anastasiya Malyavina won the gold medal. (Xinhua/Ding Xu)(tjh)

    Photo Courtesy: Xinhua/Ding Xu

  40. I’m exhausted. I’ll sleep great tonight.
  41. That means back to early bedtimes for me…
  42. See you all at morning practice! In less than 12 hours…
  43. Okay, maybe I’m crazy, but I actually can’t wait to come back and do this all over again.
  44. Nah, I’m not crazy, I’m just a swimmer.
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Soham Roy
8 years ago

this is so true.I literally face almost all of them. 😀