4 Most Important People to Have In Your Corner

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By Temarie Tomley, Swimming World College Intern

Every swimmer needs and deserves a support system. Having the following people in your corner can help you deal with stress in order to swim your best!


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I’ve been fortunate enough to have amazing parents who have always supported me. They love me for who I am in and out of the pool, and have helped me pursue my goals in life and in swimming. They put me in this sport when I was 5 and have been by my side ever since. They are my most enthusiastic supporters and I love making them proud. I love calling my mom up and telling her about a good practice or a generally good day because she gets me and is just as happy as I am. Mom and Dad, thank you so much.



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I have had truly remarkable coaches my entire life. I started off with my mom in summer league, spent nine years with my age group club coach, Aaron Dorfman, and have worked for the past two years with the University of Alabama sprint coach, Jonty Skinner. All my coaches have been inspiring and have each taken me to the next level at different points in my career. They have walked with me through every painful set and disappointing race, but also through every breakthrough swim and record-breaking season. They have pushed me to be more and they have watched me grow. They have been role models to me and confidants in life, each helping me to continue to love the sport. Thank you, Mom, Coach Aaron, and Jonty.



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I’ve had so many fun-loving, wonderful teammates throughout my 15 years in this sport– all of them are distinctly special to me. I think of my teammates as a second family. They are people I will remember for the rest of my life who have seen me at my worst and also at my best. They understand the hectic swimming schedule and the pain of doubles practices. Thank you to all my teammates for all of the laughs we’ve shared and for accepting me in all of my weirdness. You have all made practice easier throughout the years and have helped me to become a better swimmer and person.



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Often forgotten, but very important, is yourself. It’s way too hard to be in this sport and be constantly at battle with yourself. Having your mind and heart in the game is going to help you both mentally and physically– which will undoubtedly improve your swimming. This is the one person that you’re stuck with, so you might as well be your own biggest supporter. Be kind to yourself!

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Patty Tomley
Patty Tomley
7 years ago

I will always be in your corner, Temi!!