25 Signs of A Swimmer – Without Saying So!

Bruno Fratus (photo: Mike Lewis)

25 Signs of A Swimmer – Without Saying So!

Swimming World told followers on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok platforms to reveal statements that allude to the fact that they were swimmers without actually saying it. Here are some of the best responses of the “tell-tale” signs of a swimmer:

“This shirt is too small for my shoulders. ” -Kate M. 

“Breathing is overrated.” -Jaime E.

“Going to school exhausted after morning practice and listening to non-swimmers complain about how early school is. ” -Lauren W. 




“I have more suits than clothes.” -Romea

“I get punished for breathing.” -Kelly O.

“Taper is my favorite time of the year.” -Jackie H.



“When I sweat, I sweat Chlorine.” -Alyss L.

“I don’t recognize people fully dressed!” -Tim B.

“You measure everything in yards.” -Stacy W.


“DQ does not mean Dairy Queen… and it’s not good…” -Carrie R.

“I own 1000 sharpies.” -Lucy

“My hair is wet 90% of the time.” -Stephanie K.

“My breaks are measured in seconds not minutes.” -Payton V.

“I swallow 4 gallons of water a day.” -Riley M.

“Getting  a haircut and the hairdresser points out chlorine damage.” -Elizabeth



Tell us you’re a swimmer without telling us you’re a swimmer in the comments below!


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    I live by the 60 second clock one hour at a time

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    Car floor wet continuously from kit bag!

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    Steve Justice

    You eat 2 lunches and 2 dinners…

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    Didn’t cut my hair for a year and it was shorter.

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    Kiera H

    When your hair is still wet at the end of the day

  6. avatar

    I know my 25 times table best of all.

  7. avatar

    Raccoon eye…..

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