25 Reasons Why We’re All the 8-Year-Old Summer League Swimmer

Photo Courtesy: Azaria Basile

25 Reasons Why We’re All the 8-Year-Old Summer League Swimmer

A long, long time ago, you were the little girl who had more hair out of her cap than in it. Or maybe you were the little boy who hung on the lane line mid-race to wave to mom and pose for a picture.

And we were all that little swimmer whose suit was about three sizes too big.

Okay, so maybe now we’re a lot taller. And stronger. And faster. And our suits don’t sag at the butt. But at the end of the day, even a decade or more since we first started swimming, we really haven’t changed a bit.

Here are 25 reasons why we are all still an 8-year-old swimmer at heart:

1. Sometimes the only way we get in the pool is being bribed with donuts.

2. We never know our heat and lane.

3. Some days all we want to do is cry to our moms.


Photo Courtesy: Tour The Triad via Flickr

4. Handstands and dolphin dives are much more fun than laps.

5. We always think we hear thunder…even if we’re swimming inside.

6. We wish they gave out candy instead of medals.

7. All we want to do is race and not practice.


Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

8. We still pee in the pool…

9. …even though we always ask to get out to go to the bathroom.

10. No matter how warm the water is we’ll always think it’s too cold.

11. We don’t understand what Coach says but pretend like we do anyway.


Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

12. We still get yelled at to walk on the pool deck.

13. The only thing that gets us through practice is knowing all of the food we get to eat after.

14. We run directly to the showers as soon as we get out of the pool.

15. We wish we could wear our cute new suits instead of the team one.


16. Some of us are trying to bring Crocs back into style.

17. We secretly wish towel pants were still cool.

18. We wait all week for Fun Fridays (Coach, we’re still waiting…).


Photo Courtesy: Reddit

19. We never cooled down back then, and we definitely don’t now.

20. When we are left with awful sunburns we still need our parents to remind us to put on sunscreen.

21. We miss those big clear Speedo goggles that never fogged up.

22. Even if we didn’t swim as we had hoped, sometimes hearing “Good job!” makes things a little bit better.


Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

23. If dryland is more than 20 jumping jacks we zone out.

24. We still have no idea what’s going on.

25. We will never admit that swimming isn’t actually that bad.

FINIS Swimming

Photo Courtesy: FINIS

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Shirley Mireault
3 years ago

So true!

Christine Coakley
3 years ago

It all started here…….

Juliana Bartemucci
3 years ago

Kara Wilson this is so accurate

Sydney Roberts
3 years ago

Tianna Prokopuk Parker ❤️

Tianna Prokopuk Parker
Reply to  Sydney Roberts

Sydney Roberts omg!!!! I wouldn’t understand half of this list until this weekend. You are amazing and my kids adore you!! Thank you and please
Come back and play coach! Relay race number 2 coming soon ?

Sydney Roberts
3 years ago
Reply to  Sydney Roberts

Awh!! I’m so glad!! We had so much fun!! And I love them!! So happy for all do you! Love you guys!!

Mark Nedza
Mark Nedza
1 year ago

Summer League Swimming! ☀️

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