2020 Tokyo Olympics Schedule Released


The complete schedule for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was released on Tuesday and the full scope of the games is beginning to take shape.

The games run from July 22-Aug. 9. The opening ceremony is on July 24 and the closing ceremonies are on Aug. 9.

  • The swimming competition begins on July 25 and runs through Aug. 2.
  • Diving starts July 26 and goes through Aug. 8.
  • Artistic swimming is in the second week of competition, beginning Aug. 3 and ending Aug. 8
  • Water polo begins July 25 and runs through Aug. 9 with gold medal matches on Aug. 8-9.
  • The open water swimming will take place Aug. 5-6.

Overall, there are 33 sports and 339 medal events. Medals are going to come from 100 % recycled material. Check out the complete schedule of competition for all sports here.

Prior to the Opening Ceremony, softball will return to the Olympics on July 22 will mark the first events contested at the Games, at 9 a.m. Tokyo time (the evening of July 21 in the U.S.).

Later that day, women’s soccer will kick off from the Sapporo Dome on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Fans anxious to get a look at the new Olympic sports and events will have their first chance with 3×3 basketball, which tips off July 25. One new sport not beholden to a schedule is surfing.

The competition technically gets underway July 26, but due to wave conditions, will have to be flexible and has the entire duration of the Games to run, if needed.

Japanese fans will no doubt be hoping their national baseball team will be playing for the gold medal on Aug. 8 in that sport’s return to the Olympic program.

Karate also makes its debut in the place of the sport’s birth, with final bouts Aug. 6-8.

Swimming Event Schedule:

25 July.2020
19:00-21:30 Heats

  • Men 400m Individual Medley
  • Women 100m Butterfly
  • Men 400m Freestyle
  • Women 400m Individual Medley
  • Men 100m Breaststroke
  • Women 4x100m Freestyle

26 July.2020
10:30-12:30 Semi-Finals & Finals

  • Men 400m Individual Medley Final
  • Women 100m Butterfly Semi-Final
  • Men 400m Freestyle Final
  • Women 400m Individual Medley Final
  • Men 100m Breaststroke Semi-Final
  • Women 4x100m Freestyle Final

19:00-21:30 Heats

  • Women 100m Backstroke
  • Men 200m Freestyle
  • Women 100m Breaststroke
  • Men 100m Backstroke
  • Women 400m Freestyle
  • Men 4x100m Freestyle

27 July.2020
10:30-12:30 Semi-Finals & Finals

  • Women 100m Butterfly Final
  • Men 200m Freestyle Semi-Final
  • Women 100m Breaststroke Semi-Final
  • Men 100m Breaststroke Final
  • Women 400m Freestyle Final
  • Men 100m Backstroke Semi-Final
  • Women 100m Backstroke Semi-Final
  • Men 4x100m Freestyle Final

19:00-21:30 Heats

  • Women 200m Freestyle
  • Men 200m Butterfly
  • Women 200m Individual Medley
  • Women 1500m Freestyle

28 July.2020
10:30-12:30 Semi-Finals & Finals

  • Women 200m Freestyle Semi-Final
  • Men 200m Freestyle Final
  • Women 100m Backstroke Final
  • Men 100m Backstroke Final
  • Women 100m Breaststroke Final
  • Men 200m Butterfly Semi-Final
  • Women 200m Individual Medley Semi-Final

19:00-21:30 Heats

  • Men 100m Freestyle
  • Women 200m Butterfly
  • Men 200m Breaststroke
  • Men 4x200m Freestyle
  • Men 800m Freestyle

29 July.2020
10:30-12:30 Semi-Finals & Finals

  • Men 100m Freestyle Semi-Final
  • Women 200m Freestyle Final
  • Men 200m Butterfly Final
  • Women 200m Butterfly Semi-Final
  • Men 200m Breaststroke Semi-Final
  • Women 200m Individual Medley Final
  • Women 1500m Freestyle Final
  • Men 4x200m Freestyle Final

19:00-21:30 Heats

  • Women 100m Freestyle
  • Men 200m Backstroke
  • Women 200m Breaststroke
  • Men 200m Individual Medley
  • Women 4x200m Freestyle

30 July.2020
10:30-12:30 Semi-Finals & Finals

  • Men 800m Freestyle Final
  • Men 200m Breaststroke Final
  • Women 100m Freestyle Semi-Final
  • Men 200m Backstroke Semi-Final
  • Women 200m Butterfly Final
  • Men 100m Freestyle Final
  • Women 200m Breaststroke Semi-Final
  • Men 200m Individual Medley Semi-Final
  • Women 4x200m Freestyle Final

19:00-21:30 Heats

  • Women 800m Freestyle
  • Men 100m Butterfly
  • Women 200m Backstroke
  • 4x100m Medley Mix

31 July.2020
10:30-12:30 Semi-Finals & Finals

  • Women 200m Breaststroke Final
  • Men 200m Backstroke Final
  • Women 200m Backstroke Semi-Final
  • Men 200m Individual Medley Final
  • Women 100m Freestyle Final
  • Men 100m Butterfly Semi-Final

19:00-21:30 Heats

  • Men 50m Freestyle
  • Women 50m Freestyle
  • Men 1500m Freestyle
  • Women 4x100m Medley
  • Men 4x100m Medley

1 August.2020
10:30-12:30 Semi-Finals & Finals

  • Men 100m Butterfly Final
  • Women 200m Backstroke Final
  • Women 800m Freestyle Final
  • Men 50m Freestyle Semi-Final
  • Women 50m Freestyle Semi-Final
  • 4x100m Medley Mix Final

2 August.2020
10:30-12:30 Finals

  • Men 50m Freestyle Final
  • Women 50m Freestyle Final
  • Men 1500m Freestyle Final
  • Women 4x100m Medley Final
  • Men 4x100m Medley Final

Diving Event Schedule:

26 July.2020
Women Synchronised 3m Springboard Final

27 July.2020
Men Synchronised 10m Platform Final

28 July.2020
Women Synchronised 10m Platform Final

29 July.2020
Men Synchronised 3m Springboard Final

31 July.2020
Women 3m Springboard

1 August.2020
Women 3m Springboard Semi-Final

2 August.2020
Women 3m Springboard Final

3 August.2020
Men 3m Springboard

4 August.2020
Men 3m Springboard Semi-Final

Men 3m Springboard Final

5 August.2020
Women 10m Platform

6 August.2020
Women 10m Platform Semi-Final

Women 10m Platform Final

7 August.2020
Men 10m Platform

8 August.2020
Men 10m Platform Semi-Final

Men 10m Platform Final

Synchronized Swimming Schedule:

3 August.2020
Women Duet Free Routine

4 August.2020
Women Duet Technical Routine

5 August.2020
Women Duet Free Routine Final

7 August.2020
Women Teams Technical Routine

8 August.2020
Women Teams Free Routine Final

All dates are in local time

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  1. Donald P. Spellman

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    Michael Andrew and Caleb Dressel may have to be quite selective as well (especially with the 100 Fly & 50 Freestyle events).

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