2020 Olympic Trials Dates Officially Set

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The 2020 Olympic Trials dates have officially been set for June 21-28, 2020, sources confirmed with Swimming World. The eight-day long meet will take place in Omaha for the fourth time.

The 2020 Olympic Trials will serve as the selection meet for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The first day of the Olympic Trials will be five weeks before the first day of swimming at the Olympic Games, which will be a quicker turnaround than the six week gap between the 2016 Trials and Olympics in Rio.

This quick turnaround will be nothing new for the Team USA swimmers who will go on to compete at the Olympics in Tokyo. In 2012, the Olympic Trials were held five weeks ahead of the London Olympics while the 2008 Trials were held six weeks before the Beijing Olympics.

The official time standards for the 2020 Olympic Trials will not be released until Thursday in an official webcast by USA Swimming.

Since 2000, the US Olympic Swim Trials have been held on average five and a half weeks before the Olympics. In 1996 and 1992, the Trials were held four months before the Olympics.

YearOlympic Trials startOlympics start
2020June 21July 25 (35 days)
2016June 26August 6 (41 days)
2012June 25July 28 (33 days)
2008June 29August 9 (41 days)
2004July 7August 14 (38 days)
2000August 9September 16 (38 days)
1996March 6July 20 (136 days)
1992March 1July 26 (147 days)
1988August 8September 18 (41 days)
1984June 25July 29 (34 days)
1976June 16July 18 (32 days)
1972August 2August 28 (26 days)
1968August 24October 17 (54 days)
1964August 29October 11 (50 days)
1960August 2August 26 (24 days)


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