2020 NJCAA National Championships Day 3: IRSC Poised For Victory

The IRSC women's team. Photo Courtesy: NJCAA

The third day of the 2020 NJCAA National Championships got underway today at the Anne Wilder Aquatics Center in Ft. Pierce, Florida. The events contested today include the 100 IM, 500 free, 100 back, 100 breast, 200 fly, women’s 3-M diving, and the 200 medley relay.

Indian River State College seems well on its way to winning both the men’s and women’s team championships, as it leads by a hefty margin on both sides. Barton is second on the men’s side and women’s side.

2020 NJCAA National Championships Details

Top 5 Teams After Day 3


  1. Indian River State College (812.5)
  2. Barton Community College (617)
  3. Iowa Central (581)
  4. Southwestern Oregon (417.5)
  5. Iowa Lakes (160.5)


  1. Indian River State College (965)
  2. Barton Community College (467)
  3. Southwestern Oregon (399)
  4. Iowa Central (398)
  5. South Georgia (363)

Women’s 100 IM

IRSC’s Emma Colvin took home the victory with a time of 59.15. Finishing close behind for second was Barton’s Elizabeth Spitz (59.38). Meanwhile, Patricija Ozola of Southwestern Oregon finished third at 1:00.24 and Barton’s Cassandre Zenon came fourth (1:02.54). Iowa Central’s Majo Diaz finished fifth at 1:03.38, while South Georgia’s Kristen Farless came sixth (1:03.46). Iowa Central’s Zoe Beals (1:03.90) and Morgan Okroi of RSC (1:05.31) rounded out the top eight swimmers.

Men’s 100 IM

Jarryd Baxter of IRSC clinched the win in a time of 49.94. In second place was Barton’s Ryan Downing (50.40), meanwhile Olle Williamsson of IRSC finished third (51.38). In fourth was Southwestern Oregon’s Emerson Zaplatar with a time of 51.82, Iowa Central’s Emile Lutzeler (52.40) and Vincent Fletcher (53.44) took fifth and sixth place respectively. Barton’s Logan Overlees (53.67) and South Georgia’s Terrel Monplaisir (53.69) rounded out the championship final.

Women’s 500 Free

IRSC swept the podium with all three top spots as Victoria Ortiz took home the title at 4:57.17. In second place was Charlise Oberholzer (4:57.93) while Kailea Green finished third (5:06.24). Anna Hutchins of Southwestern Oregon took fourth place (5:09.30), Aimee Miller of South Georgia took fifth place (5:12.75), Ashlynn Amon of IRSC came sixth (5:13.59). Eve Berg of Iowa Central (5:14.77) and Adriana Rodriguez of IRSC (5:20.75) took seventh and eighth place respectively.

Men’s 500 Free

Elias Contogonas of IRSC took the title at 4:32.59, while teammate Maxwell Miller finished in 4:33.83 for second place. Marcelo Busch of Iowa Central finished in third place at 4:33.99. Jaccob Camp of IRSC took fourth place (4:40.20), while Nikolas Loannides of Barton came fifth (4:41.23) and teammate Christian Taylor came sixth (4:45.62). In seventh was Vini Molz of Iowa Central (4:46.55), meanwhile teammate Andrew Iverson (4:53.10) came eighth.

Women’s 100 Back

Hannah Kiely of IRSC took top honours with a time of 56.45. Aimee Miller of South Georgia finished second at 57.58, while Patricija Ozola of Southwestern Oregan finished third at 58.13. Catherine Royden-Turner finished fourth (58.20), McKayla Siemiller of Barton took fifth (58.98), and IRSC’s Gwendolyn Bencie took sixth (59.14). Meanwhile, Kristen Farless of South Georgia (1:01.33) and Sara Childs of Barton (1:02.50) rounded out the championship final.

Men’s 100 Back

Jack Oliver of IRSC finished in the top spot with a time of 50.55, while teammate Jhon Moncada finished second at 50.74. In third position was Alejandro Robles Ruiz of Southwestern Oregon (50.75), while Carlos Cartagena Diaz of IRSC came fourth (50.86). Aidan Gantenbein of Barton finished fifth (50.95), Mariano Sosa of Iowa Central came sixth (51.66), IRSC’s Marco Cabrera Duarte came seventh (52.00) and Tjeerd Van Stein of Iowa Central came eighth (53.12).

Women’s 100 Breast

Savanna Best of IRSC took home the title, winning comfortably in a time of 1:03.95. Fanny Courbot finished second at 1:05.16, while Emilie Andrin of Iowa Central finished third (1:05.51). In fourth place was Elizabeth Spitz of Barton at 1:05.91, meanwhile Magali Mouton of Iowa Central came fifth at 1:07.12, and IRSC’s Sarah Alderman finished sixth (1:07.25). Elizabeth Schrock of Barton (1:07.47) and Southwestern Oregon’s Elisa Strepenne (1:07.60) rounded out the top eight swimmers.

Men’s 100 Breast

Olle Williamsson of IRSC took top honours, with a time of 54.31. In second place was Billy Cruz Zuniga of Iowa Central (54.97), meanwhile Joshua Smith of Southwestern Oregon finished third (55.74). In fourth place was Ryan Downing of Barton (55.89), while Aramis Rivera of IRSC came fifth at 56.29. Christopher Sprenger of Barton took sixth (56.43), Emerson Zaplatar of Southwestern Oregon finished seventh (56.94), and Barton’s Rory Smith finished eighth (58.66).

Women’s 200 Fly

Camryn Hudson of IRSC clinched the victory with a time of 2:02.55, while her teammates Taryn Dailey (2:06.72) and Erifylli Maroutsou (2:11.89) took second and third place respectively. Paula Ronda of Iowa Central took fourth at 2:13.23, meanwhile teammate Mary Marshall came fifth (2:13.43) and Jacqueline Feurtado of Southwestern Oregon finished sixth (2:14.96). Lizbeth Candanedo of Barton (2:17.22) and Verity Vogel-Rigler (2:17.39) finished seventh and eighth respectively.

Men’s 200 Fly

Brennan Hammond of IRSC comfortably won the final with a time of 1:47.82, meanwhile Barton’s Kacper Mayerberg finished in runners-up spot (1:53.37). Nicholas Salzone of IRSC finished third at 1:53.41, while Barton’s Albert Kaspryzk finished fourth (1:54.12). Southwestern Oregon’s Arthur Marques took fifth (1:54.15), while Liam Henry of IRSC took sixth (1:55.59) and Dalton Hammel of Iowa Central took seventh (1:58.04). Leonard-Andrei Olaru of Barton finished eighth at 1:59.35.

Women’s 3M Diving

Gabby Tolento of IRSC emerged victorious with a score of 450.75. Her teammate Kasey Crooks finished second scoring 360.45.

Women’s 200 Medley Relay

IRSC’s team (Hannah Kiely, Savanna Best, Emma Colvin, Victoria Ortiz) took the title with a time of 1:43.85. In second place was Southwestern Oregon (1:46.93), meanwhile Barton’s team came third (1:47.49).

Men’s 200 Medley Relay

Barton’s quartet (Aidan Gantenbein, Ryan Downing, David Garcia, Carlon McClerkin) emerged victorious with a time of 1:31.04. Southwestern Oregon finished second at 1:31.06, meanwhile Iowa Central came third at 1:31.11.

The 2020 NJCAA National Championships concludes tomorrow.


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