2020 CCSA Swimming and Diving Championships: Day 3 Recap

Incarnate Word. Photo Courtesy: Kyle Staggs

CCSA Swimming and Diving Championships

The third day of the CCSA Swimming and Diving Championships got underway today at the Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. The events contested were 100 fly, 400 IM, 200 free, 100 breast, 100 back, 400 medley relay and women’s 1-meter diving.

CCSA Swimming and Diving Championships Details:

Team Standings after Day 3:


  1. University of Incarnate Word (587.5)
  2. Gardner-Webb (478)
  3. FAU (465.5)
  4. Old Dominion University (277)
  5. NJIT (238)
  6. Howard University (162)
  7. Mount Saint Mary’s (125)


  1. Liberty University (1023)
  2. FGCU (889)
  3. University of Incarnate Word (664.5)
  4. UNC Asheville (515)
  5. Gardner-Webb (483)
  6. Campbell University (461.5)
  7. University of North Florida (452)
  8. Georgia Southern University (326)
  9. Howard University (219)

Women’s 100 Fly

FGCU’s Julia Rodriguez took home the victory in a time of 53.57. She was followed to the wall by Maddie Baiotto who touched at 54.15, and Gardner-Webb’s Jessi Snover (54.32). In fourth place was Incarnate Word’s Sophie Taylor (54.55), while FGCU’s Wiktoria Czarnecka came fifth (54.83) and Liberty’s Lindsey Cohee came sixth (55.02). FGCU’s Cassidy Fry (55.51)  and Liberty’s Shelby Haines (56.30) rounded out the championship final.

Men’s 100 Fly

Old Dominion’s Filip Svedberg finished with top honours in a time of 47.35. Gardner-Webb’s Cullen Fields and FAU’s Rateb Hussein took a joint runner-up position with a time of 47.58. Incarnate Word’s  Jared Wallace finished in fourth place with a time of 47.71, while Gardner-Webb’s Tim Bennett came fifth in 47.86. Incarnate Word’s Bryce Kuchan came sixth in a time of 47.97, while Gardnerr-Webb teammates Seggio Bernardina (48.92) and Brady Fields (51.74) rounded out the top eight.

Women’s 400 IM

Liberty University’s Mikayla Herich established herself as the IM queen of the meet, having earlier won the 200 IM. She won the 400 IM in a time of 4:13.29, almost 7 seconds ahead of her nearest rival. Liz Zeiger of FGCU finished in second place with a time of 4:20.21. Ximena Conde Merlos finished third with a time of 4:20.82, followed by Gardner-Webb’s duo of Spencer Lucas (4:23.55) and Mary Traylor (4:23.76). Brenda Diaz Martinez of Incarnate Word finished sixth in a time of 4:23.85, while Kiah Francis of Liberty finished seventh (4:26.08) and Michaela Sizemore of FGCU finished eighth (4:29.31).

Men’s 400 IM

Chase Mattingly, who earlier picked up a silver in the 200 IM, won the 400 IM handily in a time of 3:53.52 swimming for Gardner Webb. In second place was Incarnate Word’s Alex Garriga in a time of 3:56.34. He was followed to the wall by Old Dominion’s Jacob Cobb at 3:57.27. FAU’s Jack Shapiro finished in fourth place in a time of 3:57.45, while Old Dominion’s Hugo Eriksson came in fifth at 4:00.76. Gardner-Webb’s Justin Conklin finished in sixth place with a time of 4:02.17, while FAU’s Will Smith came seventh at 4:05.77.

Women’s 200 Free

Liberty University swept the podium with a stunning 1-2-3 finish as Eva Suggs took home the title in a time of 1:47.82. Hannah Baker finished second in 1:48.48, while Emma Hazel touched third at 1:49.75. In fourth place was Joely Merriman of FGCU in a time of 1:50.49, while her teammate Kaja Reinhardt finished fifth at 1:50.97. Liberty’s Emily Manly came in sixth at 1:51.48, followed by UNC Asheville’s Skylar Rogan (1;52.23) and University of North Florida’s Camryn Greenleaf (1:52.80).

Men’s 200 Free

Incarnate Word’s Leonardo Sanchez finished with top honours in a time of 1;36.00. Zach Dingfield of Gardner-Webb finished in second place with a time of 1:37.43, while NJIT’s Joshua Franco finished third in a time of 1:38.16. Alvaro Ibarro of Incarnate Word took fourth (1:38.52). FAU teammates Josh Fountain (1:38.52) and Connor Smoak (1:39.11) finished fifth and sixth respectively. Gardner Webb’s Ethan Long came seventh (1:39.43), while Clay Riemenschneider of FAU came eighth (1:39.43).

Women’s 100 Breast

Winning first place was FGCU’s Petra Halmai, with a time of 1:00.01. Jessica Schellenboom of Liberty finished as the runner-up with a time of 1;02.06, followed by Mariana Ruvalcaba Cruz of Incarnate Word (1:03.49). Hailey Jerew of FGCU finished fourth (1:03.52), Liberty’s Chloe Rippey came fifth (1:04.01), and India Jackson came sixth (1:04.51). FGCU’s Lizzy White finished seventh (1:04.82), while teammate Emily Glinecke came eighth (1:05.25).

Men’s 100 Breast

Oleksandr Karpenko of Incarnate Word took home the title with a time of 53.44. Peter Durisin of Old Dominion finished in second position with a time of 54.56. He was followed to the wall by third place winner Jordan Mintz of Gardner-Webb (54.69). Mount Saint Mary’s Will Twizell finished fourth in a time of 55.45, while NJIT’s Nicholas Lyons finished fifth in a time of 55.51. Gardner-Webb’s Jonathan Frye came sixth (55.78), FAU teammates Adam Diaz (55.83) and Quinn LaCoursiere (55.90) came seventh and eighth respectively to close out a tight race.

Women’s 100 Back

Payton Keiner of Liberty University snatched the victory with a time of 52.60, while her teammate Brittany Weiss finished second at 53.41. In third place was Incarnate Word’s Kristen Straszacker (54.63), while Claire McAtee of FGCU came fourth (55.70). Joely Merriman of FGCU finished in fifth place in a time of 56.18, while University of North Florida’s Jacqueline Barklund came sixth in a time of 56.29. Gardner-Webb’s Kayla Smith finished seventh in a time 56.53, and Lucija Sulenta of FGCU came eighth at 57.54.

Men’s 100 Back

Gardner-Webb’s Brady Fields took top honours with a time of 48.23. Incarnate Word’s Erek Nelson finished in second place with a time of 48.37. In third place was his teammate Fernando Ruvalcaba Cruz with a time of 48.93.  Tim Bennett of Gardner-Webb finished in fourth place (49.03), Kyle Douglas of FAU finished fifth (49.32), and Cullen Fields of Gardner-Webb finished sixth (49.67). Miles Simon (50.11) and Gardner-Webb’s John O’Connell (50.72) rounded out the championship final.

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

Liberty University’s squad of Payton Keiner, Mikayla Herich, Brittany Weiss and Hannah Baker took home the victory with a time of 3:36.96. FGCU’s team finished second with a time of 3:38.75, while University of Incarnate Word finished in third place (3:45.19).

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

University of Incarnate Word took top honours as their team of Erek Nelson, Oleksandr Karpenko, Jared Wallace and Christopher Lestage finished in a time of 3:17.32. Finishing second was the team from Gardner-Webb in a time of 3:14.09. FAU’s team finished in third position with a time of 3:14.46.

Women’s 1-Meter Diving

Incarnate Word’s Valencia McDonald finished in first place with a score of 226.95. Olivia Robinson of Liberty took home the second place honours with a score of 241.10. In third place was Alyssa Schmidt of FGCU with a score of 252.60, while Incarnate Word’s Ana Lucia Garza finished fourth scoring 257.90. Abigail Egolf Jensen finished fifth with a score of 267.20.

The CCSA Swimming and Diving Championships continues tomorrow at the Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center.