2019 World University Games Day 5 Prelims: Houlie, Madden Earn Top Seeds

Paige Madden earned a top seed during Day 5 of the World University Games. Photo Courtesy: University of Virginia Athletics

The 2019 World University Games continues with Day 5 of the swimming competition from Naples, Italy.

On Day 4, Katharine Berkoff stole the show by breaking the meet record in the 100 back.

Michael Houlie set a new record during the prelims session.

The day’s events opened with the preliminaries of the men’s 200 back, before moving to the women’s 200 free, the men’s 100 fly, the women’s 50 back, the men’s 50 breast and the women’s 800 free.


Men’s 200 Back

American Clark Beach put together the fastest 200 backstroke race of the prelims session to open the fifth day of the meet.

Beach took the top seed in 1:57.15 to hold off South Africa’s Martin Binedell (1:57.87). They were the only two swimmers in the field to break 1:58.

American Austin Katz took the third seed in 1:58.51, followed by Korea’s Juho Lee (1:58.89), Spain’s Manuel Martos Bacarizo (1:59.27), France’s Geoffroy Mathieu (1:59.36), and Italy’s Luca Mencarini (1:59.40) and Emanuel Turchi (1:59.43).

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 3.53.28 AM


Women’s 200 Free

American Paige Madden nearly broke 2 minutes to take the top seed in the 200 free. She finished in 2:00.16.

Russia’s Marlia Baklakova (2:00.68) and Irina Krivonogova (2:00.79) were on her heels taking the second and third seeds, respectively.

American Gabby DeLoof took the fourth seed in 2:01.12, followed by Britain’s Kathryn Sian Greenslade (2:01.19), Italy’s Linda Caponi (2:01.28), Canada’s Kennedy Goss (2:01.40) and Australia’s Mikayla Messer (2:02.05).

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 4.20.37 AM


Men’s 100 Fly

Russia’s Aleksandr Sadovnikov took the top seed in the 100 fly in 52.21.

American Coleman Stewart took the seconds seed in 52.39, finishing ahead of the Japaneses pair Yuya Tanaka (52.44) and Shinnosuke Ishikawa (52.45).

American Jack Saunderson took the fourth seed in 52.66, followed by Russia’s Egor Kuimov (52.76), Brazil’s Iago Moussalem (52.76) and Poland’s Michal Poprawa (52.81).

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 4.29.31 AM

Women’s 50 Back

American swimmers Elise Haan and Katharine Berkoff took the top two seeds in the women’s 50 back.

Haan was fastest in the prelims with a time of 28.22. Berkoff was second in 28.50.

Canada’s Ingrid Wilm (28.52) took the third seed, followed by Australia’s Calypso McDonnell (28.60).

Italy’s Silvia Scalia was fifth (28.70), followed by Tessa Vermeulen (28.73) of the Netherlands, Poland’s Agata Naskret (28.76) and New Zealand’s Gabrielle Faamausili (28.88).

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 4.44.00 AM


Men’s 50 Breast

South Africa’s Michael Houlie broke the World University Games record to win the men’s 50 breast.

Houlie won the race in 26.98 to break the previous mark set by Andrea Toniato in 2015 of 27.06.

American Connor Hoppe took the second seed in 27.32, followed by Russia’s Kirill Prigoda (27.33).

American Ian Finnerty took the fourth seed (27.43), followed by Sweden’s Johannes Skagius (27.53), Korea’s Jaekwon Moon (27.62), Japan’s Ryuto Shiori (27.67) and Italy’s Alessandro Pinzuti (27.68).

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 5.02.04 AM

Women’s 800 Free

Italy’s Alisia Tettamanzi took the top seed in the 800 free, finishing in 8:41.18.

Australia’s Phoebe Hines took the second seed in 8:42.45, followed by Japan’s Waka Kobori (8:43.03) and Chinatsu Sato (8:43.14).

Russia’s Irina Prikhodko took the fifth seed in 8:43.35, followed by Americans Taylor Ault (8:43.52) and Megan Byrnes (8:44.01) and Korea’s Hea Rim Lee (8:46.90).

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