2019 Speedo Sectionals Mt. Hood Day 3: Kaitlyn Dobler claims two events


By Madilyn Sindelar, Swimming World College Intern.

The third night of Speedo Sectionals Mt. Hood saw a number of swimmers claim their second or third titles of the meet. Katharine Berkoff, Meguru Hotta, Kaitlyn Dobler, Lucia Davis and Daniel Chang grabbed their second or third gold medals of the meet tonight. 

The Denver Hilltoppers still remains in the lead with a combined team score of 1457. However not far off is Tualatin Hills currently sitting at 1275.5 for second place. Close behind is Phoenix Swim Club holding 1174 combined points.

Women’s 200 Back

For the second night in a row Katharine Berkoff of Missoula Aquatic Club captured the first event with a time of 2:10.56. Swimming into second place was Mara Newman, from Tualatin Hills Swim Team, who won the 100 back Friday night posting a time of 2:17.47. For third Molly Hogg of Bronco Swim Club followed with a 2:2:18.02. Kaitlyn McCoy finished fourth with 2:18.51, followed by Emma Lawless at 2:18.60. Then came Natalie Arky at 2:18.86, Katelyn Lewicki at 2:19.98, and Sofia Nosack at 2:21.67.

Men’s 200 Back

Phoenix Swim Club’s Meguru Hotta claimed his second title as well in this event after a four-second drop with a time of 2:03.22. He was closely followed by Gavin Olson of Foothills Swim Team touching two tenths behind Hotta in second at 2:03.42. Jackson Cunningham of Swim Utah touched at 2:04.93 for third. Fourth place went to Cale Berkoff at 2:05.37, followed by Zachary Tan at 2:05.88, Wilder Cruse at 2:06.08. Coming in seventh was Brandon Shreeve at 2:06.76 and following behind for 8th was Dylan Edge at 2:11.73.

Women’s 400 Free

Claiming her second title of the meet 800 free winner Lucia Davis once again placed first just out-touching her Bronco Swim Club teammate Haley Hill. Davis touched first at 4:20.17 and Hill took second at 4:20.39. Following behind third was Kathryn Shanely from Boise YMCA at 4:23.11. Coming in at fourth was Sara McClendon at 4:24.27. Right behind McClendon was Ryan Falk at a 4:24.96, followed by Millia Ruthven at 4:25.07. Then came Emma Brady at 4:26.46 and round out the top 8 Allison Bernier at 4:27.93. 

Men’s 400 Free

King Aquatic Club’s Kevin Jackson claimed the title in this event after a two-second drop and being the only finalist below 4:00 with a time of 3:57.64. For the second it was Friday night event winner Jack Hoagland of Charger Aquatics who slammed into the wall with a time of 4:00.69 and for the third, it was Mateja Milovanovic of Phoenix Swim Club at 4: 05.49. In fourth was Daniel Matheson with a 4:06.95, fifth was Devin Esser at 4:07.05. Coming in sixth place was Aaron Rosen who touched at 4:07.49. Seventh place went to Cole Giandinoto (4:10.40) and eighth place went to Rhys Winter (4:11.82).

Women’s 100 Breast

100 free champion Kaitlyn Dobler of The Dolphins of Portland claimed her second event title of the meet hitting a 1:08. 20. Trailing behind her for second was 200 breast champion Lauren Burckel of Elevation Athletics at 1:09.95. Eleanor Jew of Lake Oswego touched at 1:10. 84 for third. Eva Carlson touched next at 1:11.54, ahead of Charlotte Simon at 1:11.95. Touching the wall at sixth Brandi Vu touching the wall at 1:12.54, followed by Claire Chahbandour at 1:13.22, and Sadie Edwards at 1:13.22.

Men’s 100 Breast

200 breast title winner Daniel Chang once again snatched the crown at 1:03.34. He was closely trailed by Andrew Britton of Swim Utah and Anthony Nosack of Tualatin Hills tying for second at 1:03.72. Harrison Wayner of Swim Utah touched at 1:04.03 for fourth. Right behind Wayner was Ryan Foote who finished at 1:04.08. Harrison Fudge touched next at 1:05.23, ahead of Andrew Carlson at 1:05.24. Rounding out the top 8 was Matthew Leblanc who came in at 1:05.42.

Women’s 100 Fly

17-year-old Kaitlyn Dobler successfully captured her third title of the meet. Coming straight off of her first place 100 breast finish she was able to unleash a 1:00.44 claiming the butterfly crown. Behind Dobler behind was 16-year-old Elizabeth Cook from Tualatin Hills for second with a 1:01.23. Behind the top two came Katie Higgins of Phoenix Swim Club placing third at 1:0137. Followed by Morgan Brophy (1:01.49), Kaitlyn McCoy (1:02.41), and Margaret Hayes (1:02.41). Coming in seventh was Mikayla Siegal at 1:02.81 and in eighth was Eleanor Beers at 1:03.28.

Men’s 100 Fly

Elevation Aquatics lands another finalist and Lukas Miller successfully captured his first title with a time of 54.67. Benjamin Waterman of Swim Utah dropped half a second from his prelims time taking second at 55.22. Essias Smith Mesa Aquatics closed out the top three with a time of 55.72. Next came Patrick Keough with a 55.79, Casper Corbeau with a 55.97, Spencer Holt with a 56.07, Neirton Oliveria (56.16), and Harrison Lierz (56.63).

Women’s 800 Free Relay

The third night of relays ended with a successful 1-2 punch from the Tualatin Hills “A” and “B” relay teams. The “B” team swam to first with a time of 8:24.42 and their teammates on the “A” team finished at 8:31.74. The “A” team from University of Denver Hilltoppers secured third place with a time of 8:34.58. 

Men’s 800 Free Relay

It was a race to the wall for the final event of the night but the Elevation Athletics “A” team slammed into the wall with a time of 7:38. 63. Clocking in at 7:39.64 the Tualatin Hills “A” team captured second place. Rounding out the top three was the Denver Hilltoppers “A” relay team finishing at 7:43.86.


The final day of Speedo Sectionals Mt. Hood kicks off tomorrow with prelims in the morning at 9 a.m. PST and finals in the evening at 5:30 p.m. PST.