2019 Speedo Futures Des Moines Day 2: Jaden Luo and Carter Nelson tie for first in 200 free

Photo Courtesy: Nicholas McMillan

By Madilyn Sindelar, Swimming World College Intern.

The second night of Speedo Futures Des Moines saw numerous close finishes and many swimmers claim their first event title. The night was filled with several close finishes that ended in ties. 

After a dominating performance, the Austin Swim Club maintains its lead boasting a combined total of 313.5 points. Behind them for second is Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club accumulating 193 combined points. Currently in third is Flyers Aquatic Swim Team racking up 190.5 combined points.

Women’s 200 Free

The events top seed, Aurora Roghair, of Iowa Flyers captured the crown by more than a second. The 16-year-old touched the wall at 2:02.68 after a second and a half time drop. Following behind for second place was Kaitlynn Wheeler from Springfield YMCA at 2:03.94. Touching in third was Madelyn Mechling who dropped almost two seconds at 2:04.40. Placing fourth was Emily Bucaro at 2:04.85, behind her, was Eleni Kotzamanis at 2:06.18. Rounding out the top 8 were Carson Kaufmann (2:06.63) and Karly Merriott (2:07.20).

Men’s 200 Free

Jaden Luo of Austin Swim Club and Carter Nelson of Flyers Aquatics both slammed into the wall at the same time (1:53.10) tying for first. Behind the pair was Springfield YMCA’s Matthew Knox touching at 1:53.55. Following for fourth was Niccolo Velasquez at 1:53.68, then came Aaron Kohler at 1:54.74. Finishing sixth was Aiden Farley at 1:54.78, behind him, was Juan Ceresa (1:54.81) and Christian Hedeen (1:54.91).

Women’s 100 Breast

16-year-old Adry Kasemets saw a one-second drop, the Patriot Aquatics member claimed her first event title of the meet hitting a 1:12.63. Trailing behind her for second Katie McBrantey of Pitchfork Aquatics at 1:12.64. Maxine Parkinson of Delta Aquatics and Moriah Ross of Central Iowa Aquatics touched at 1:12.75 tying for third. Eleni Gewalt touched next at 1:12.82, ahead of Moly Urkiel at 1:13.45. Following for seventh was Dannie Dilsaver at 1:13.49, and then Katie Stonehocker at 1:13.84.

Men’s 100 Breast

Utah Valley’s Ryan Sorensen captured the crown at 1:04.00. He was chased to the finish by Charles Bennet of Power For Life touching at 1:04.27. Coming in third was Connor Funke of Greater Omaha at 1:04.47. Adam Fusti-Molnar touched at 1:04.55 for fourth. Right behind Fusti-Molnar was Ben Wiegand who finished at 1:04.86. Liam Kerns touched next at 1:05.14, ahead of Tanner Nelson at 1:06.00. Rounding out the top 8 was Tyler Penney who came in at 1:06.70.

Women’s 100 Fly

17-year-old Catherine Russo of Bozeman Multisport narrowly placed first touching at 1:00.61. Right behind Russo was Katherine Zenick slamming into the wall at 1:00.73. Following for third was Scarlet Martin from Eastern Iowa at 1:01.20. Coming in at fourth was Morgan Brophy at 1:01.77. Right behind Brophy was Marina Spadoni posting a 1:02.15, followed by Anna Ervin at 1:02.23. Then came Sarah Kutz at 1:02.52 and rounding out the top 8 Greta Olson at 1:02.70. 

Men’s 100 Fly

The winner Jason Schroeder claimed this event after successfully dropped almost two seconds (55.14). For second Conor McKenna of Texas Ford Aquatics slammed into the wall with a time of 56.32 and for the third, was John Plutt of Pueblo County Swim at 56.55 . In fourth was Evan Bock with a 56.74, fifth was James Pinter and Thomas Lundin tying at 57.13. Coming in seventh place was Daniel Matheson who touched at 57.17 and eighth place went to Jacob Walters (57.57).

Women’s 400 IM

The winner Rylie Lopez of Austin Swim Club dropped more than three seconds and beat the field coming in at 4:55.32. Following behind for second was Austin Swim Club teammate Sarah Kutz at 4:58.79. Above the five minute mark, touching for third was Laura Carver at 5:00.59. Placing fourth was Katie McBratney at 5:00.65, then touched Riley Courtney at 5:02.37. Rounding out the top 8 were Emily Giles (5:02.63), Malia Rausch (5:03.37) and Dannie Dilsaver (5:05.53).

Men’s 400 IM

Utah Valley’s Tanner Nelson 100 breast finalist had enough in the tank to capture the crown at 4:27.97. He was followed to the finish by Munzer Kabbara of Cypress Fairbanks touching at 4:28.83. Coming in third was Cypress Fairbanks teammate Cameron Dafoe at 4:28.86. Andrew Reiter touched at 4:31.11 for fourth. Right behind Reiter was Ryan Trichler who finished at 4:33.57. Daniel Matheson touched next at 4:34.09, ahead of Spencer Hohm at 4:35.57. 

Day 3 kicks off tomorrow with prelims in the morning at 9 a.m. CT and finals in the evening at 5 p.m. CT.

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