2019 GLIAC Championships Day 3: Wayne State Closing In


By Olivia Wile, Swimming World Intern.

Day three of the 2019 Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletics Conference (GLIAC) Championship brought the excitement with a third individual title for both Grand Valley State Junior Melina Goebel and Northern Michigan University Junior Rachel Helm. 

Wayne State University also continued their record-breaking trend in the men’s 100 breastroke.

Tonight’s event lineup included the 500 free, 100 back, 100 breast, 200 fly and 800 free relay.

Women’s 500 Free

Not only did Grand Valley State University Junior Melina Goebel claim her third individual win this evening, but she also set a new meet record in the women’s 500. Goebel cruised to first with a record-breaking time of 4:51.96. According to the College Swimming database, this is a best time by over three seconds.

Under the five minute mark as well was Wayne State Senior Emily Marginean, not far behind Goebel with a 4:53.92.

Saginaw Valley State University Senior Alexandra Davis finished third with a time of 5:00.49, Wayne State Senior Ellie Dean claimed fourth (5:01.35) with Grand Valley Senior Megan Shaughnessy getting to the wall fifth (5:02.02).

Joining her Grand Valley teammate was Senior Caroline Brereton finishing sixth (5:03.20).

The youngest in the bunch, Northern Michigan and Wayne State Sophomore’s Lena Soulas and Sophia Montesanti finished seventh and eighth. Soulas got to the wall at a time of 5:05.93 with Montesanti following with a 5:09.01.

Men’s 500 Free

It was a two-second drop from prelims that helped Wayne State Junior Ahmed Ahmed claim first in the men’s 500 with a time of 4:27.46.

Close behind and under 4:30 were Grand Valley Freshman Jesse Goodyear and Northern Michigan Senior Grantas Dapkus. Goodyear finished second (4:29.29) while Dapkus finished third (4:29.74).

Still competing with the field was Ashland University Senior Lucas Cortini Oliveira finishing fourth with a time of 4:30.36.

Dropping from prelims and coming in fifth was Wayne State Junior Leonardo de Oliveira with a time of 4:32.28. Not far behind him was Janne Roovers of Northern Michigan finishing sixth (4:32.50).

Grand Valley Sophomore Moritz Bartels got to the wall seventh (4:36.37), while Freshman Franci Aleski of Ashland finished eighth (4:37.53).

Women’s 100 Back

It was another Rachel Helm show tonight, but this time in the women’s 100 back. The Northern Michigan junior dropped a bit from prelims finishing first with a time of 54.35.

Close behind in the 55 range was Wayne State Junior Ashen Michalski as well as Northern Michigan Senior Regan Kilburn. Michalski got to the wall second (55.18), while Kilburn finished third (55.29).

Finishing next and just missing the 55 mark was Wayne State Junior Katherine Svisco with a time of 56.09.

Freshman Melina De Cort of Grand Valley and Senior Amanda Thielen of Saginaw battled it out for fifth and sixth finishing .05 apart. De Court claimed fifth with a time of 56.34 with Theielen finishing sixth (56.39).

Grand Valley Sophomore Freyja Garbaccio finished seventh (56.90), while teammate Meda Kulbaciauskaite finished eighth (56.95).

Men’s 100 Back

Grand Valley Junior Harry Shalamon brought another victory to his team finishing first with a time of 46.82.

Coming in second was Wayne State Senior Dmytro Drobnych with a time of 47.23. Close to him was Northern Michigan Senior Renars Bundizs finishing third (47.36). Also in the 47 range was was Wayne State Sophomore Franz Mueller getting to the wall next at a 47.81.

Northern Michigan Junior Lajos Budai claimed fifth (48.31) while Grand Valley Freshman Noah Ellis made his first finals appearance finishing sixth (49.61).

Joshua Cosgrove, a Northern Michigan senior, claimed seventh (49.78) with Grand Valley Sophomore Joseph Zlotnick taking eighth (52.88).

Women’s 100 Breastroke

Coming out on top after a fourth-place prelims finish was Wayne State Sophomore Jia Yi Koh. Yi Koh finished with a time of 1:02.71.

Getting to the wall next and also moving up from prelims with a time of 1:03.62 was Grand Valley Freshman Samantha Laurich. Her teammates Seniors Ceila Hoag and Lara Diebel battled it out for third and fourth. Hoag finished third with a time of 1:03.83 with Diebel close behind at a 1:03.86.

Breaking up the Grand Valley run was Northern Michigan Senior Dana Stroven getting to the wall fifth (1:04.45). Just missing the 1:04 mark was teammate Briana Arnold finishing sixth (1:05.05).

Close behind and finishing seventh with a time of 1:05.10 was Saginaw Valley Senior Lydia Mattar. Grand Valley’s Hannah Richard finished eighth (106.14).

Men’s 100 Breastroke

Adding to the Wayne State record-breaking and joining his teammate in winning the 100 breast was Junior  Sasha Palazzo. He got to the wall with a new meet record time of 52.26

Second, third and fourth went to the Grand Valley men. Senior Marius Mikalauskas finished second (54.47), Senior Jonathan Ham took third (55.17) and Freshman Keegan Hawkins claimed fourth (55.27).

Answering the Grand Valley men was Northern Michigan finishing fifth, sixth and seventh. Senior Lars Lindberg got to the wall fifth with a time of 55.30. Next and still in the 55 range was Senior Arnoldo Herrera finishing sixth (55.78) while Freshman Lukas Bauer finished seventh (56.06).

Grand Valley Junior Ahmed Nabih finished eighth with a time of 56.70.

Women’s 200 Butterfly

Keeping up the Wayne State momentum was Sophomore Haley Groteler winning the 200 fly with a time of 2:04.47. Grand Valley’s Mercedes Martinez was close behind, touching the wall second with a time of 2:04.75. Both women went to West Ottawa High School in Holland, Michigan.

Northern Michigan Senior Emily Bell claimed third with a time of 2:05.34 with teammate Gabriella Spajic close behind at a 2:05.63.

All in the 2:07 range were Wayne State Freshman Julia Brunner and Grand Valley Sophomores Freyja Garbaccio and Abigail Sauerbrei. Brunner claimed fifth with a time of 2:07.00, Garbaccio finished sixth at 2:07.45 with Sauerbrei finishing seventh (2:07.75).

Ashland Sophomore Anne Evans made her first finals appearance of the meet finishing eighth with a time of 2:11.14.

Men’s 200 Butterfly

Grand Valley Sophomore Oscar Saura Armengol claimed his second 2019 GLIAC Championship win this evening. He finished first with a time of 1:47.40. Wayne State Senior Rasmus Olsen wasn’t far behind with a time of 1:47.97, placing him second.

David Miranda of Northern Michigan cruised to third with a time of 1:48.64. Wayne State Junior Joao Ribeiro and Northern Michigan Senior Ryan Leonard both finished in the 1:49 mark. Ribeiro took fourth (1:49.70) with Leonard taking fifth (1:49.96).

St. Cloud State teammates Seniors Robert Leigh and Jose Alamo picked up sixth (1:52.73) and seventh (1:53.47). Not far behind was Junior Jayden Hutchinson of Saginaw Valley finishing eighth (1:53.85).

Women’s 800 Free

The Wayne State women added to another team relay win this evening. Getting to the wall first with a time of 7:29.64 was the team of Emily Marginean, Ashlen Michalski, Jia Yi Koh and Lezlie Bueno Estrada.

Getting to the wall second was the Grand Valley team of Lara Deibel, Sidney Weaver, Allison Wells and Melina Goebel. The women swam a time of 7:36.58.

Claiming third in the event were the Saginaw Valley State women. The team of Amanda Thielen, Erin McDowell, Sydney Shipps and Alexandra Davis finished with a 7:43.67.

Men’s 800 Free

The Northern Michigan team of Jonas Reinhold, Jonathan Busse, Grantas Dapkus and Lajos Bundai claimed the first place relay finish tonight with a time of 6:38.57. Grand Valley finished next with a time of 6:41.60. Teaming up for the race was Oscar Saura Armengol, Daniel Mullen, Ahmed Nabih and Keegan Hawkins.

Though falling to third, the Wayne State team of Joao Ribeiro, Ahmed Ahmed, Kyle Lovas and Franz Mueller gave the Lakers a good race, clocking in at a 6:42.76.