2019 Futures Championships Day 3: Club Mountaineer Aquatics Tops Men’s Team Scores

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, spire_institute

The third day of competition at the 2019 Futures Championships in Geneva witnessed several excited tight finishes. Today’s events included the 200 fly, 50 free, 200 breast, 100 back and 400 free. This meet is taking place at the SPIRE Institute from August 1-4.

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Club Mountaineer Aquatics climbed their way up to lead the men’s team scores during night three of the meet; they went home with three individual titles.

Team Scores

After tonights’s events, Phoenix Swimming tops the women’s team scores, while Club Mountaineer Aquatics leads the men’s team scores by two and a half points.

Women’s Top Five Team Scores

  1. Phoenix Swimming (218)
  2. Empire Swimming (124)
  3. Firestone Akron Swim Team (114)
  4. Coast Guard Blue Dolphins (107)
  5. Delaware Swim Team (105)

Men’s Top Five Team Scores

  1. Club Mountaineer Aquatics (189)
  2. Empire Swimming (187.5)
  3. Dayton Raiders (138)
  4. Crimson Aquatics (111)
  5. Mason Manta Rays 104)

Women’s 200 Fly

Firestone Akron Swim Club got its first title of the meet with Mackenzie Vargas clocking in a 2:15.93. Unattached swimmer Madeline Marks went home with the silver with a 2:16.77, while the bronze belonged to Solo Aquatics’s Abigail Sullivan, who swam a 2:17.14.

Jessica Bonezzi from Firestone Akron Swim Club came in fourth (2:17.64), closely followed by Anna Phelps from Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatics (2:17.65). Bluefish Swim Club’s Kathryn White placed in sixth (2:17.96).

Kyleigh Tankard from Coast Guard Blue Dolphins (2:18.38) and Connecticut Aquatic Club’s Nell Chidley (2:18.72) rounded up the championship final.

Men’s 200 Fly

Second victory of the meet for Navy Swimming with Ethan Tack, who dropped three seconds from this morning. He won the event in a 2:03.24. X-Cel Swimming’s Daniel Badawy finished second in a 2:05.07. Austin Clark from Coast Guard Blue Dolphins went home with the bronze (2:05.44).

Zachary Ward from Buckeye Swim Club placed fourth (2:06.10), followed by Club Mountaineer Aquatics’s Joshua Madzy (2:07.25).

Phoenix Swimming’s Tony Min (2:08.52) and Eric Chimes from Cleveland Swim Institute (2:08.87) completed the top eight.

Women’s 50 Free

Current Duke’s Blue Devil Quinn Scannell from Badger Swim Club claimed her second individual win with a 26.24. The silver belonged to Antonia Naccarella from Webster Swim Association, who swam a 26.48. Long Beach Aquatics’s Catherine Stanford placed third with a 26.60.

Michaela Chokureva from Phoenix Swimming came in fourth (26.65), followed by Blazing Barracudas’s Mairin O’Brien (26.90) and Spider Swimming’s Eliza Manning (26.96).

Westchester Marlins’s Sabrina Johnston (27.18) and Hannah Everhart from Bloomsburg Area YMCA (27.30) finished seventh and eighth respectively.

Men’s 50 Free

Samuel Neaveill from Club Mountaineer Aquatics gave his team the victory with a 23.47. Unattached swimmer Alec Lawless went home with the silver in a 23.55. Upper Arlington Swim Club’s Avery Voss got the bronze with a 23.62.

Navy Swimming’s Daniel Cook finished fourth (23.70), closely followed by Empire Swimming’s Kymani Senior and Ellis Cannon from Team Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics who tied for fifth (23.75).

Unattached swimmer Andrew Fenton (23.88) and Shaker Sharks’s Max Gustafson (24.20) also swam the fastest heat of the event.

Women’s 200 Breast

Angela Gambardella gave SoCo Aquatic Club its first title of the meet with a 2:36.25, over a four-seconds-drop from this morning. Catherine Craig from Horseheads Thrashers Aquatics placed second with a 2:38.43. Hudson Explorer Aquatic’s Giovanna Cappabianca claimed the third place in a 2:38.56.

Nys Aquatics’s Theresa Milio came in fourth (2:38.65), followed by Empire Swimming’s Ashley Hu (2:39.42). Britney Denny from Coast Guard Blue Dolphins clocked in sixth place (2:40.71).

Peri Gaguzis from Fox Chapel Killer Whales (2:41.14) and Team Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics’s Dakota Elliot (2:42.82) finished seventh and eight respectively.

Men’s 200 Breast

Club Mountaineer Aquatics got its second victory of the night with Jack Portmann clocking in a 2:21.73. Jerry Chen from Alleghery North Swim Club went home with the silver in a 2:22.11. Mason Manta Rays’s Nicholas Diangelo took the bronze with a 2:22.43.

Tindar Cyr from Princeton University Swim Team finished fourth (2:23.15), followed by Sam Haddad from Pioneer Balley Aquatic Avenger and Cougar Aquatic Team’s Eric Wang who tied for fifth (2:23.92).

Dayton Raiders’s Nathan Holty (2:23.98) and Empire Swimming’s John Kelly (2:24.15) completed the top eight.

Women’s 100 Back

Victoria Buerger from Alleghery North Swim Club claimed the first place with a 1:02.97. Patriot Swim Club’s Isabella Korbly got the silver in a 1:03.17. Crile Hart from Cleveland Swim Institute finished third with a 1:03.87.

Duquesne University’s Emma Brinton placed fourth (1:04.10), followed by Kathleen Lynch from Team Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics (1:04.16). Westchester Marlins’s Sabrina Johnston came in soon after (1:04.34).

The seventh and eighth place belonged to Nys Aquatics’s Lauren Aylmer (1:04.43) and Gabrielle Brust from Pau Hana Swim Team (1:05.53).

Men’s 100 Back

Trayton Saladin gave Club Mountaineer Aquatics its third win of the night with a 56.68. Nation’s Capital Swim Club’s Lawrence Redmond finished second in a 58.31. Clayton Whetstine from Coast Guard Blue Dolphin went home with the bronze in a 58.34.

Club Mountaineer Aquatics’s Angelo Russo came in fourth (58.45), followed by The Fish’s James Ewing (58.63) and Club Mountaineer Aquatics’s Christopher O’Shea (58.79).

David Rucci from Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club (58.83) and Greater Columbus Swim Team’s Eli Stoll rounded up the championship final.

Women’s 400 Free

Ella Dyjak from Connecticut Aquatic Club won the event in a 4:21.53. Nation’s Capital Swim Club’s Brooke Travis got the silver with a 4:21.58, while Grit Aquatics’s Tylor Mathieu placed third (4:22.25).

Kingfish Swimming’s Alexa Connors came in fourth (4:23.98), followed by United Swimming Association’s Maya Geringer (4:25.51) and Radnor Aquatic Club’s Anna Kalandadze (4:25.69).

Phoenix Swimming’s Megan Reich (4:26.44) finished seventh, followed by fellow teammate Malia Amuan (4:26.96).

Men’s 400 Free

Empire Swimming’s Liam Bogart went home with the title in a 4:01.28. Ethan Shaw from Dublin Community Swim Team finished second with a 4:02.04. Crimson Aquatics’s Andrew Berzolla got the bronze in a 4:02.87.

Victor Swim Club’s James Baker placed fourth (4:02.90), followed by unattached swimmer John Sita (4:03.16). Zachary Washart from Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club came in sixth (4:06.35).

Scarlet Aquatics’s Kyle Iorizzo (4:06.62) and Blake Johnson from Old Dominion Aquatic Club (4:07.15) placed seventh and eighth respectively.

The last session of the meet will see action on the women’s 1500 free, men’s 800 free, 100 free, 200 back, 200 IM and 400 medley relays. Prelims start at 9am EST and finals at 5pm EST.