2019 Futures Championships Geneva Day 2: Current College Swimmers Win Events

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, spire_institute

The second day of competition at the 2019 Futures Championships in Geneva was full of close and fast swims. Today’s events included the 200 free, 100 breast, 100 fly and 400 IM. This meet is taking place at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio, from August 1 to August 4.

Check out results from day one here.

Current college stars Daniel Cook (Navy), Gianmichel D’Alessandro (UNC-Wilmington) and Emma Brinton (Duquesne) won one event each during night two. The three of them are within the top eight in their respective conferences and got the gold in their main event at Futures.

Team Scores

After the second night of competition Phoenix Swimming continues to lead the women’s team scores, while Empire Swimming is now on top on the men’s side.

Women’s Top Five Team Scores

  1. Phoenix Swimming (168)
  2. Empire Swimming (96)
  3. Delaware Swim Team (94)
  4. Coast Guard Blue Dolphins (76)
  5. Mason Manta Rays (73)

Men’s Top Five Team Scores

  1. Empire Swimming (131)
  2. Dayton Raiders (106)
  3. Crimson Aquatics (88)
  4. Mason Manta Rays (86)
  5. Hudson Explorer Aquatic (84)

Women’s 200 Free

Quinn Scannell from Badger Swim Club dropped almost three seconds from this morning. She went home with the title in a 2:02.73. The silver went to Phoenix Swimming’s Megan Reich who was a 2:04.91. Alexa Connors from Kingfish Swimming came in third with a 2:05.64.

Grit Swimming’s Tylor Mathieu placed fourth (2:05.77), followed by Carol-lena Breiter from Phoenix Swimming (2:05.93) and Kyleigh Tankard from Coast Guard Blue Dolphins (2:06.69).

Madison Hartigan from Empire Swimming (2:07.36) and Phoenix Swimming’s Malia Amuan (2:08.34) took the seventh and eighth place respectively.

Men’s 200 Free

Current Navy swimmer Daniel Cook won the event with a 1:52.02. Closely after, Jay Johnson from Hudson Explorer Aquatic finished second in a 1:52.54. Crimson Aquatics’s Tyler Knightly went home with the bronze with a 1:54.31.

Thacher Scannell from Greenwich Marlins clocked in fourth (1:54.71), followed by Greater Philadelphia Aquatics’s Zachary Washart (1:54.89). Ian Van Grop from Mason Manta Rays came in sixth (1:55.10).

Old Dominion Aquatic Club’s Blake Johnson (1:55.32) and Jack Deppen from North Penn Aquatic Club (1:55.37) rounded up the championship final.

Women’s 100 Breast

Josephine Panitz gave Empire Swimming its first title of the meet; she clocked in a 1:11.87 for the gold. Canton City Schools’s Jamyson Robb came in second with a 1:12.66. Dakota Elliott from Team Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics finished third with a 1:12.85.

Nys Aquatics’s Theresa Milio claimed the fourth place (1:13.33), followed by Angela Gambardella from SoCo Aquatic Club (1:13.39). Madeline Dorish from Racer X Aquatics came in sixth (1:13.47).

The seventh and eight place belonged to Horseheads Thrashers Aquatics’s Catherine Craig (1:14.20) and Mia Nagle from Firestone Akron Swim Club (1:14.58).

Men’s 100 Breast

Current UNC Seahawk and individual conference champion Gianmichel D’Alessandro from Blue Wave Swim Team went home with the gold in a 1:03.80. Empire Swimming’s John Kelly placed second with a 1:04.88, while Jack Portman from Club Mountaineer Aquatics came in third (1:05.30).

Gennarino Conzemius from Mount Lebanon Aqua Club finished fourth (1:05.52), followed by Alleghery North Swim Club’s Jerry Chen (1:05.55) and Nicholas Diangelo from Mason Manta Rays (1:05.71). Jack Krusinsky from Cleveland Swim Institute came in seventh (1:06.06), followed by Jersey Wahoos’s Paul Dragan (1:06.50).

Women’s 100 Fly

Nation’s Capital Swim Club’s Jasmine Hellmer won the event with a 1:01.46. Soon after Gabrielle Brust from Pau Hana Swim Team clocked in a 1:01.99. Coast Guard Blue Dolphins’s Kyleigh Tankard went home with the bronze in a 1:02.14.

Margaret Marando from United Swimming Association came in fourth (1:02.25), followed by Mount Lebanon Aquatic Club’s Trinity Ward (1:02.26). Gabriella Lopez-Ona from Penn Charter Aquatic Club finished sixth (1:02.59).

Ohio State Swim Club’s Jordan Aurnou-Rhees (1:02.62) and 13-year-old Georgia Colborn from Delaware Swim Team (1:03.35) also swam in the championship final.

Men’s 100 Fly

Club Mountaineer Aquatics got the gold and bronze in the event. Trayton Saladin took home the victory with a 54.17, while teammate Christopher O’Shea finished third in a 55.43. Matthew Salig from Mercersburg Academy got the silver in a 54.47.

Big XII conference finalist Max Gustafson from Shaker Sharks placed fourth (55.63), followed by SoCo Aquatic Club’s Leo Laporte (55.96). Angelo Russo from Club Mountaineer Aquatics finished sixth (56.04).

Branko Kossanovich from Alleghery North Swim Club (56.05) and Navy’s Ethan Tack (56.39) rounded up the top eight.

Women’s 400 IM

Duquesne University’s IM star Emma Brinton went home with the gold with a 4:55.23. Isabella Paoletti from Delaware Swim Team came in second with a 4:58.24. Firestone Akron Swim Club’s Jessica Bonezzi got the bronze with a 4:59.56.

Brooke Travis from Nation’s Capital Swim Club stopped the clock right after (4:59.73), followed by unattached swimmer Jessica Pryne (5:03.98). Jaclyn Pash from Firestone Akron Swim Club claimed the sixth place (5:04.83).

The seventh and eighth place belonged to Sydney Rodriguez from Scarlet Aquatics (5:07.26) and Phoenix Swimming’s Emily Clements (5:08.89).

Men’s 400 IM

Nathan Holty from Dayton Raiders claimed the victory with a 4:27.95. Empire Swimming’s Liam Bogart got the silver in a 4:30.38, while Club Mountaineer Aquatics’s Josh Harlan placed third (4:32.87).

Judd Fishmann from Team Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics came in fourth (4:34.61), followed by Ohio State Swim Club’s Spencer Aurnou-Rhees (4:36.00).

Unattached swimmer John Sita (4:36.44) and Mason Manta Rays’s  Ian Van Gorp rounded up the championship final.

Day three kicks off tomorrow with the 200 fly, 50 free, 200 breast, 100 back and 400 free. Prelims start at 9am EST and finals at 5pm EST.