2019 FINA World Swimming Cup Jinan: Michael Andrew Leads 50 Back Heats

Michael Andrew swam two events today, leading the heats of the 50 back. Photo Courtesy: Becca Wyant

The second day of the 2019 FINA World Swimming Cup in Jinan, China did not see anything special but it set up what could be a quick finals session. This is the second of seven stops of the 2019 FINA World Cup with the first one happening last week in Tokyo and the third stop happening next week in Singapore.

Men’s 50 Back

USA’s Michael Andrew is the top seed in the men’s 50 back on Friday morning at the 2019 FINA World Swimming Cup in Jinan. Andrew swam a 25.14 in the heats ahead of China’s superstar Xu Jiayu, who was sixth in the 50 back final at the World Championships two weeks ago. Andrew finished one spot ahead of him in Gwangju in fifth place. Russia’s Vladimir Morozov is seeded third a day after putting up an impressive 21.5 in the 50 free last night, which put him fifth in the world for the year.

This is a stacked field with big names including Mitch Larkin (25.80) and IMer Wang Shun (25.87).

1 ANDREW Michael United States of America USA 25.14
2 XU Jiayu People's Republic of China CHN 25.69
3 MOROZOV Vladimir Russian Federation RUS 25.79
4 LARKIN Mitchell Australia AUS 25.80
5 WANG Shun People's Republic of China CHN 25.87
6 WANG Peng People's Republic of China CHN 25.98
7 HOLLARD Tristan Australia AUS 26.12
8 DU Shixian Club CLB 26.77

Women’s 200 Free

China’s Hou Yawen leads the 200 free heats with a 2:00.51 on Friday morning at the FINA World Swimming Cup in Jinan. Hou leads a field with three other Chinese swimmers including Dong Jie (2:01.35), Ye Shiwen (2:01.44) and Yang Caiping (2:02.21). Ye has notably had a turnaround in her career this year after having a disappointing string of years after having an impressive 2012 Olympic campaign. 2:01 is not ranked inside the top 50 world in the year but she did win two silver medals at Worlds in the 200 and 400 IM. It was her first medals in those events since winning two golds in London seven years ago.

Sweden’s Michelle Coleman is seeded second at 2:00.55 as she has enjoyed some nice cash prizes the last couple weeks at the World Cup meets.

Hungary’s Zsuzsanna Jakabos (2:01.90), Australia’s Laura Taylor (2:02.17) and Maddy Gough (2:02.55) also qualified for the final.

1 HOU Yawen Club CLB 2:00.51
2 COLEMAN Michelle Sweden SWE 2:00.55
3 DONG Jie People's Republic of China CHN 2:01.35
4 YE Shiwen People's Republic of China CHN 2:01.44
5 JAKABOS Zsuzsanna Hungary HUN 2:01.90
6 TAYLOR Laura Australia AUS 2:02.17
7 YANG Caiping Club CLB 2:02.21
8 GOUGH Maddy Australia AUS 2:02.55

Men’s 200 IM

China’s Qin Haiyang, who did not swim this event at the World Championships instead focusing on the 200 breast, is seeded first in the 200 IM heats with a 2:01.12 ahead of Lithuania’s Andrius Sidlauskas (2:01.95). The Australian duo of Thomas Fraser-Holmes and Mitch Larkin put up 2:08s in the heats as they will presumably put up much better times in finals since Larkin was a 1:57 at Worlds.

1 QIN Haiyang People's Republic of China CHN 2:01.12
2 SIDLAUSKAS Andrius Lithuania LTU 2:01.95
3 FRASER-HOLMES Thomas Australia AUS 2:08.48
4 LARKIN Mitchell Australia AUS 2:08.53
5 CHU Chen-Kai Chinese Taipei TPE 2:08.56
6 FU Kun-Ming Chinese Taipei TPE 2:12.19
7 YANG Cunzheng Club CLB 2:15.16
8 LOW Malcolm Singapore SGP 2:15.28

Women’s 100 Back

Australia’s Emily Seebohm (1:00.94) and Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu (1:00.95) have been around the sport of swimming a long time and have shown their versatility on Friday morning at the FINA World Swimming Cup in Jinan. Seebohm is the top seed with a solid time of 1:00.94 as she is ahead of China’s Chen Jie (1:02.07) and Australia’s Holly Barratt (1:02.42).

Chen was 16th at the World Championships two weeks ago but her 1:02 here was not far off her semifinal time in Korea. China’s Liu Yaxin, who was 16th in the 200 back at Worlds, is seeded fifth at 1:03.32. China also picked up finalists with Jiang Yuru (1:03.72) and Zhu Menghui (1:04.28) advancing. Austria’s Caroline Pilhatsch (1:04.51) also made it to the final.

1 SEEBOHM Emily Australia AUS 1:00.94
2 HOSSZU Katinka Hungary HUN 1:00.95
3 CHEN Jie People's Republic of China CHN 1:02.07
4 BARRATT Holly Australia AUS 1:02.42
5 LIU Yaxin People's Republic of China CHN 1:03.32
6 JIANG Yuru Club CLB 1:03.72
7 ZHU Menghui People's Republic of China CHN 1:04.28
8 PILHATSCH Caroline Austria AUT 1:04.51

Men’s 50 Breast

Italy’s Nicolo Martinenghi is the top seed in the men’s 50 breast on Friday morning at the FINA World Swimming Cup with a 27.24. His time was actually faster than what he swam in the semifinals at the World Championships where he was 14th. Martinenghi is ahead of USA’s Michael Andrew (27.72) and the Brazilian duo of Felipe Franca (27.73) and Raphael Rodrigues (27.73), who tied for third.

Andrew has been a busy man this year on the World Cup circuit and at the World Championships, becoming probably the first man to get to all four A-Finals of the 50’s at a World Championships. Andrew was seventh in the 50 breast final.

China’s Yan Zibei tied the Asian record in Gwangju with his sixth place finish at Worlds and he is seeded fifth tonight at 27.88. China’s Wang Lizhuo (27.95), USA’s Andrew Wilson (28.21) and Lithuania’s Andrius Sidlauskas (28.25) also advanced to the final.

1 MARTINENGHI Nicolo Italy ITA 27.24
2 ANDREW Michael United States of America USA 27.72
3 FRANCA SILVA Felipe Brazil BRA 27.73
3 RODRIGUES Raphael Brazil BRA 27.73
5 YAN Zibei People's Republic of China CHN 27.88
6 WANG Lizhuo People's Republic of China CHN 27.95
7 WILSON Andrew United States of America USA 28.21
8 SIDLAUSKAS Andrius Lithuania LTU 28.25

Women’s 50 Fly

Australia’s Cate Campbell has been another busy swimmer on the World Cup circuit this month, coming off an impressive 24.11 in the 50 free last night. Campbell swam a 26.26 this morning to sit just ahead of Denmark’s Jeanette Ottesen (26.30) and China’s Liu Xiang (26.73). Liu broke the world cup record last night in the 50 back with a 27.3 as the Chinese swimmers have shown out well for the fans in Jinan this week.

Australia’s Holly Barratt (26.78) and Sweden’s Michelle Coleman (26.92) have also been very busy at the World Cup as both swimmers qualified for the final in fourth and fifth place respectively.

China’s Suo Ran (27.37), Australia’s Laura Taylor (28.04) and China’s Bao Ying (28.10) also advanced to the final.

1 CAMPBELL Cate Australia AUS 26.26
2 OTTESEN Jeanette Denmark DEN 26.30
3 LIU Xiang People's Republic of China CHN 26.73
4 BARRATT Holly Australia AUS 26.78
5 COLEMAN Michelle Sweden SWE 26.92
6 SUO Ran People's Republic of China CHN 27.37
7 TAYLOR Laura Australia AUS 28.04
8 BAO Ying Club CLB 28.10

Men’s 100 Free

USA’s Blake Pieroni is another swimmer that has benefitted from the World Cup circuit as he is the top seed in the 100 free on Friday morning at the FINA World Swimming Cup in Jinan with a 49.45. Pieroni was fourth at Worlds with a 47.4 not too long ago. It would be surprising if he got down there again but he should be around a 48-mid in the final. He will have his hands full in the final with the likes of China’s He Junyi (49.49), Hungary’s Szebasztian Szabo (49.52), Russia’s Vladimir Morozov (49.59) and Italy’s Santo Condorelli (49.89).

He was the highest finisher at Worlds out of those aforementioned four names, placing 15th in the semifinals while Condorelli and Morozov didn’t advance past the heats and Szabo didn’t swim the event.

1 PIERONI Blake United States of America USA 49.45
2 HE Junyi People's Republic of China CHN 49.49
3 SZABO Szebasztian Hungary HUN 49.52
4 MOROZOV Vladimir Russian Federation RUS 49.59
5 CONDORELLI Santo Italy ITA 49.89
6 LIU Shaofeng Club CLB 50.22
7 CAO Jiwen People's Republic of China CHN 50.39
8 SHANG Keyuan People's Republic of China CHN 50.62

Women’s 100 Breast

Jamaica’s Alia Atkinson posted the top time in the 100 breast heats with a 1:08.94 on Friday morning at the FINA World Swimming Cup in Jinan. Atkinson is notably skipping the Pan American Games where she could have won a few medals for Jamaica, but decided to swim at the World Cup instead. Atkinson is seeded ahead of China’s Yu Jingyao (1:09.78) and Russia’s Vitalina Simonova (1:09.96).

Simonova had a notable 200 breast last night with a good 2:24 as she is a part of the deep contingency that Russia has built with female breaststrokers.

1 ATKINSON Alia Jamaica JAM 1:08.94
2 YU Jingyao People's Republic of China CHN 1:09.78
3 SIMONOVA Vitalina Russian Federation RUS 1:09.96
4 HE Yun Club CLB 1:10.74
5 GORDON Lucy New Zealand NZL 1:13.64
6 TSAI Hao-Yu Chinese Taipei TPE 1:13.68
7 JACKSON Kaylee New Zealand NZL 1:14.98
8 CHEN Jing-An Chinese Taipei TPE 1:15.47

Men’s 200 Fly

Australia’s Nic Brown and New Zealand’s Wilrich Coetzee put up identical 200 fly times on the final event of the prelims at the 2019 FINA World Swimming Cup in Jinan with both guys posting a 2:01.57. They are seeded ahead of Grant Irvine, who did not make the World Championships but became the third fastest Australian for the year last night in the 100 fly, sitting just outside the top 10 in the world for 2019. He was always a better 200 flyer so he should have a solid swim in the final.

1 BROWN Nic Australia AUS 2:01.57
1 COETZEE Wilrich New Zealand NZL 2:01.57
3 IRVINE Grant Australia AUS 2:03.77
4 LI Guangyuan People's Republic of China CHN 2:05.60
5 WANG Yu-Xiang Chinese Taipei TPE 2:07.30
6 FRASER-HOLMES Thomas Australia AUS 2:07.76
7 HOU Bo-Yu Chinese Taipei TPE 2:08.25
8 LIANG Zongxu Club CLB 2:08.66