2018 FINA World Junior Open Water Championships: U.S. Finishes With 5 Medals

Swim event TF Christiansborg Rundt 2018. Swim event TF Christiansborg Rundt 2018.
Photo Courtesy: Jesper Westley/LEN Media

The FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships 2018, which concluded today Saturday September 8, was particularly successful and fruitful for the USA, Italy and Hungary as the three teams collected 5 medals each over the three-day competition in Eilat, Israel.

The U.S. delegation goes home with an amazing tally of 2 gold medals, 2 silver and 1 bronze, after Chase Travis and Michael Brinegar won the 7.5km and 10km events respectively on Thursday and Friday. Both silver medals were clinched by the relay teams on Saturday, while the bronze was won by Mariah Denigan in the 5km on Thursday.

France and Russia also stood out in Eilat by ranking second and third in the final medal standing. France grabbed 2 gold medals with Jean-Baptiste Clusman in the 7.5km and in in the Open relay with Enzo Roldan Munoz and the rest of the team. Roldan Munoz secured the silver medal of the 10km.

Russia claimed gold on Day 1 with Aleksandr Stepanov in the 5km, while teammate Ivan Morgun came second. Kirill Dolgov ranked third in the boys 10km.

Spain’s Paula Ruiz Bravo was the fasted in the girls 10km, while Peru was the other nation collecting at least one medal in Eilat, the 10km silver.

Daily and detailed race reports are available on FINA website, while you can also re-watch the event on replay on FINAtv Underwater shots and drone footage are available.

Medal Standings

1. USA 2 G, 2S, 1 B / 5 medals
2. FRA 2 G, 1 S / 3 medals
3. RUS 1 G, 2 S, 1 B / 4 medals
4. ITA 1G 1 S, 3 B / 5 medals
4. HUN 1 G, 1 S, 3 B / 5 medals
6. ESP 1G / 1 medal
7. PER 1 S / 1 medal

5KM 14-15 years-old

Boys: 1. Aleksandr Stepanov (RUS) 58m53s8; 2. Ivan Morgun (RUS) 58m53s5; 3. David Betlehem (HUN) 58m56s5

Girls: 1. Iris Menchini (ITA) 1h00m44s6; 2. Mira Szimcsak (HUN) 1h01m01s2; Mariah Denigan (USA) 1h01m06s6

7.5 KM 16-17 years-old

Boys: 1. Jean-Baptiste Clusman (FRA) 1h24m22s8; 2. Danil Nemolochnov (RUS) 1h24m28s7; 3. Zoltan Tabi (HUN) 1h24m31s1

Girls: 1. Chase Travis (USA) 1h32m02s8; 2. Giulia Berton (ITA) 1h32m59s7; 3. Giulia Salin (ITA) 1h33m00s8

10 KM 18-19 years-old

Boys: 1. Michael Brinegar (USA) 1h49m55s5; 2. Enzo Roldan Munoz (FRA) 1h49m55s7; 3. Kirill Dolgov (RUS) 1h50m00s4

Girls  1. Paula Ruiz Bravo (ESP) 1h57m21s9 2. Maria A. Bramont-Arias (PER) 1h57m24s2 3. Reka Rohacs (HUN) 1h57m26s3

4x1250m – 14-16 years old Relay

1. Hungary 56m48s1 (Viktoria Mihalyvari, Mira Szimcsak, Zoltan Tabi, Szilard Galyassy)
2. USA 57m31s8 (Chase Travis, Connor Hunt, Mariah Denigan, Jackson Carlile)
3. Italy 58m10s0 (Giulia Salin, Iris Menchini, Luigi Galdieri, Federico Mazzeo)

4x1250m- 19 years old and under Open Relay

1. France 55m39s9 (Madelon Catteau, Jean-Baptiste Clusman, Lisa Pou, Enzo Roldan Munoz)
2. USA 56m06s7 (Erica Sullivan, Brennan Gravley, Kensey McMahon, Michael Brinegar)
3. Italy 56m11s3 (Silvia Ciccarella, Giulia Berton, Andrea Filadelli, Nicola Roberto)

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