2018 Asian Games Day 2 Prelims: Rikako Ikee Takes Two Top Seeds

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Day two of the Asian Games is under way after a strong start to the meet on opening night.

Two records fell on the first night of competition and swimmers from across the continent look to add to that list.

Here is what is happening in today’s preliminaries:


Order of events

Men’s 800 Free

With the fastest heat of the race during finals, the prelims still started strong for the home crowd in the 800 free as Indonesia’s Aflah Fadlan Prawira won the heat in 8:03.87 to set a new mark for the home nation.

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Women’s 50 Fly

Japan’s Rikako Ikee kept up her stellar season by taking the top seed in the 50 fly. She finished the prelims race in 25.91, more than a half second ahead of the field.

China’s Xintong Lin took the second seed in 26.56, ahead of compatriot Yichun Wang (26.68).

South Korea’s Yerin Park took the fourth seed (26.72), followed by Chinese Taipei’s Meichien Huang (26.98), Korea’s Sehyeon An (27.01), and Hong Kong’s Kin Lok Chan (27.24).

Singapore’s Ting Wen Quah (27.28) took the eighth seed, edging Jing Wen Quah (27.31).

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Men’s 50 Back

Swimming in his home country, Indonesia’s Gede Siman Sudartawa took the top seed in the men’s 50 back, clocking a time of 25.01.

China’s Jiayu Xu took the second spot at 25.12, followed by Japan’s Ryosuke Irie (25.25), and Korea’s Jiseok Kang (25.29).

China’s Peng Wang took the fifth seed (25.33), followed by Singapore’s Zheng Wen Quah (25.54), Korea’s Juho Lee (25.67) and Turkmenistan’s Merdan Atayev (26.08).

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Women’s 100 Free

Rikako Ikee took her second top seed of the session when she cruised into the wall first during the prelims of the 100 free.

The Japanese star clocked a time of 54.33.

China’s Menghui Zhu took the second seed at 54.67, followed by Japan’s Tomomi Aoki (55.57), China’s Junxuan Yang (55.78) and Korea’s Miso Ko (56.35).

Jasmine Alkhaldi of the Philippines took the sixth seed at 56.38, followed by Hong Kong’s Camile Cheng (56.47) and Thailand’s Kornkarnjana Sapianchai (54.59).

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Men’s 200 IM

Japan’s Kosuke Hagino finished well ahead of the field to take the top seed in the 200 IM. He finished in 1:59.76, the only one to break 2 minutes in prelims.

China’s Haiyang Qin took the second seed in 20:0.40, followed by compatriot Shun Wang (2:01.34).

Japan’s Daiya Seto took the fourth seed at 2:01.57, followed by Chinese Taipei’s Hsinghao Wang (2:02.18), Hong Kong’s Kenneth To (2:02.50), Singapore’s Shen Jun Pang (2:02.64) and Indonesia’s Triady Fauzi Sidiq (2:03.32).

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Women’s 200 Breast

Japan’s Kanako Watanabe closed the individual portion of the day’s prelims with a dominating performance in the women’s 200 breast.

She finished a second and a half ahead of the rest of the field, clocking the top seed with a time of 2:27.05.

China’s Xinyu Zhang took the second seed at 2:28.48, followed by Japan’s Reona Aoki (2:29.16) and China’s Jingyao Yu (2:28.76).

Korea’s Suyeon Back took the fifth seed at 2:30.63, followed by Hong Kong’s Jamie Yeung (2:32.05), Singapore’s Samantha Yeo (2:33.74) and Chinese Taipei’s Peiwun Lin (2:35.16).

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Men’s 4×200 Free Relay

China cruised to a comfortable top seed in the men’s 4×200 free relay. Ziao Qiu, Jinlong Hong, Yujie Hou and Zhiyong Qian took the top spot in 7:20.80.

Korea took the second seed at 7:24.32, followed by Singapore (7:25.62), Japan (7:25.73), Vietnam (7:30.37), Chinese Taipei (7:31.61), India (7:34.69) and Hong Kong (7:43.57).

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