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    Where are all the recent comments ? I seem to be commenting along most of the time. I am going to put in on the line. Australia will not podium in the male 4/200m. Both kingpins Cameron McEvoy and David McKeon are well off their best. Swim fans in OZ need to know why. Our female 4/200m is a good chance to medal.

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      Why the surprise re AUS M 4×200 ? Whilst they often read well on paper, their form-line of the past 5 years is that of serial mediocrity in international competition. McEvoy has yet to prove he’s an international class 200m performer; McKeon is ……. the poster child for the phenomena known as the “serial tourist” – those who make teams for many years but never deliver internationally. Fraser-Holmes 2015 is a chronically misfiring version of the 2014 vintage. They’re no sure thing to qualify for the final.

      Despite Larkin’s Gold & Packard’s laudable effort in making 100BRS final; the AUS M 4XMED is a very uncertain bet due to the unreliability of the male flyers. Can they afford to rest Larkin from the heats or Packard ….. debateable ?

      AUS W 4X200 would’ve been a fairly sure bet for a medal, probably silver but looking somewhat less secure. Whilst McKeon has made 200final, she doesn’t look to be at her best; Wright has been off-pace; Barratt is a perpetual “will it be good Bronte or will it be god-awful Bronte” & Neale’s 400 effort was almost David McKeon-esque in its sluggishness.

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