2005 World Championship Trials: Complete Finals Results for Day Five, with No-split Prelim Results

By Duncan Scott

Attached are the complete finals results from day five of the 2005 World Championship Trials in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Let me express just a bit of editorial bias. Congratulations to Roseburg, Oregon product Chris Thompson, Club Wolverine, in placing second to Larsen Jensen. The US will now be represented by two Olympic medalists in the 1500.

After his double arm fractures before the 2004 Olympic Trials he could have easily hung it up and enjoyed his 2000 bronze medal in this event for the rest of his years. Instead, he fought back heroically to swim 15:40.84 and make the final in Long Beach, albeit through a couple of scratches. He has now continued his recovery and substantially regained his conditioning so well that his 15:11.24 swim this evening actually surpassed the 15:11.96 swim Erik Vendt used to qualify for Athens. He has taught us all lessons about patience, persistence and fortitude.

Way to go, Chris!