Trevisan Breaks Masters Sprint Records

By Phillip Whitten

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, December 11. IS nothing sacred in Masters swimming?

Just when you thought someone had set an untouchable record, along comes someone else who not only touches it, he knocks it off his pedastal.

In the last two years, Jim McConica and Rich Abrahams set Masters world marks that felt like Mary T Meagher records — Beamonesque achievements that would last a generation, maybe a lifetime.

But, as they say, records are made to be broken. And that's just what Paul Trevisan did at last weekend's Colonies Zone Short Course Meters Championships at Rutgers University. Allocating his attentions equally, Trevisan knocked off one Abrahams and one McConica world standard.

Competing in the 50-54 age group, Trevisan clocked 24.63 for the 50m free and 55.49 for the 100. Abrahams set the old 50 mark at 24.73 in 1998, while McConica's 100 standard, set in 2001, stood at 55.81.

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