The McCaffrey’Cap, Nov. 18, 2010

PHOENIX, Arizona, November 18. YOU'VE found the McCaffreyCap and we're glad you did. This week on the rundown, we're talking about USA Swimming putting an end to our where in the world is Mark Schubert photo-shop segment, Michael Phelps missing a meet for a lady, and a sprint 50… blind. Take your mark!

This week USA Swimming ruined my photoshop segment with Mark Schubert by officially announcing his termination as the National Team Head Coach. That's pretty much all we know, officially. USA Swimming Released a generic statement, and the only thing we learned from Coach Schubert's press conference is that there was an incident at Pan Pacs, but according to Schubert after the meet concluded, Executive Director Chuck Weilgus assured him of his job through 2016 and even 2020 if he wanted it. Schubert looked like a victim in the public court of opinion, but only because he came out and answered questions. I believe Schubert's lawyer Michael Bernstein, said it best… There's two sides to every pancake, no matter how flat it is. But don't hold your breath for any kind of informative response from USA Swimming, at least not until this one goes to court.

Michael Phelps mysterious scratch from last weekend's, surprisingly speedy, Minnesota Grand Prix was explained this week thanks to TMZ… Oh it's a lady, side note, Tim Meadows SNL's character's name is Leon Phelps… how have I not realized this before? That's model, socialite, and former reality star Brittny Gastineau getting coffee with Michael. The only remaining question is what would they call the reality show if this couple gets serious? Top 4 suggestions, in no particular order are 1) Gold, Golf, and Gastinaue. 2) Celebrity Swim Phan 3) Phelps has Gas… tinaue 4) What Michael Phelps is doing while Ryan Lochte is passing him in the pool.

Let's take a quick break for our sponsors, we'll be right back

We're coming under the flags and into the wall with the final topic on the rundown. If you haven't been enjoying our Event Showcase for the Tom Dolan Invitational, you are missing out. Every weekday for the 4 weeks leading up to the meet starting December 9th you can check out on deck videos with swimmers and coaches. So far we've introduced you to drills, workouts, and coaching philosophies and coming up we'll show you one of the craziest practice challenges I've ever seen… You'll have to tune back in to the showcase landing page next week to find out if Eric Knight rams his head into the wall on the turn.

We'll stop the clock right there on the show today. I'll be in Providence this weekend for a meet at Bluefish and then on to New York City for the National Team Awards Banquet also known as the Golden Goggles. The McCaffreyCap will be back the week after Thanksgiving. I'm Garrett McCaffrey reminding you that's just one man's recap.

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