Speedo Performance of the Week, Presented by Pace Club: Rowdy Gaines Reacts to Auburn Win

PHOENIX, Arizona, December 3. WE’RE going out of the box for this week’s honor, because it does not highlight a performance done in the pool. But, it is something that has gained a lot of national attention. If you are a college football fan, you most likely know about the amazing conclusion of the Auburn-Alabama game that took place on Saturday. Chris Davis took the ball from a missed Alabama field goal and ran the entire length of the football field for the game-winning touchdown that put the Tigers into the SEC championship game.

Hundreds of thousands of Auburn fans were glued to their televisions for that moment, including one of its most famous alums, Rowdy Gaines. And we were lucky that his wife, Judy, was there to record what would become one of the best reaction videos, well, of all time.

YouTube’s copyright policies prevent us from showing you the video on this show since it already exists on YouTube, so here’s the lowdown. (Editor’s note: View the video in the player below.) Once it becomes clear that Davis is going to take it all the way to the end zone, Gaines’ trademark enthusiasm comes out and he’s jumping up and down screaming “touchdown game over” repeatedly. If you remember his excitement after some of his most memorable calls during races on NBC, I would suggest you multiply that by 10. Since he doesn’t have to be restrained and unbiased, Gaines lets loose, and the resulting video is something that would make even an Alabama fan smile.

One can only imagine what Rowdy would do if Auburn won the national title. So, congratulations, Rowdy Gaines, you’ve won our Speedo Performance of the Week.

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