Ryan Lochte Makes Acting Debut in Two Funny or Die Videos

LONDON, England, August 9. RYAN Lochte is making the most of his post-Olympic popularity, partnering with the comedy website FunnyorDie.com for two new videos that premiered today and were filmed as recently as Tuesday.

Lochte is the “star” of the video titled “Peeing in the Pools with Ryan Lochte,” in which the world record holder answers seemingly serious questions with offbeat responses, including verifying the age-old assumption about urinating in the pool.

“The way I see it, the pool is the biggest and most expensive toilet, and it's all mine,” Lochte says with a straight face in the video.

In his second Funny or Die video, Lochte makes a cameo appearance as the victim of a scalping scam in “The Olympic Ticket Scalper.” Warning: The video contains graphic language.

Though he has had a rotation of several commercials in play in the past few weeks, the Funny or Die videos mark Lochte's official acting debut. Funny or Die videos feature celebrities in fictitious situations, often skewering their public or private personalities. Very few athletes have appeared in Funny or Die videos, so Lochte's involvement continues his streak of breaking the mold in the media, going back to his Vogue magazine cover photo.

And if those videos only whetted your appetite for humorous videos featuring the 11-time Olympic medalist, watch this exclusive SwimmingWorld.TV video, called “25 Things You Didn't Know About Ryan Lochte.” The video has been viewed more than 250,000 times since its debut in May.

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