NISCA All-American Showcase: Baylor Boys, Carmel Girls Set Records Atop 200 Medley Relays

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 8. THIS year, a pair of strong performances stood atop the NISCA All-American lists in the 200-yard medley relay.

The Baylor boys took down the overall national high school record with a sizzling time of 1:27.74, while Carmel’s girls lowered the national public school mark and nearly eclipsed the overall record with a 1:40.83.

At the TISCA Tennessee High School Championships in February, Dan Flack’s Baylor boys put up one of the top relay swims in high school history as the relay team of Luke Kaliszak (21.81), Dustin Tynes (24.83), Sam McHugh (21.02) and Christian Selby (20.08) went a time of 1:27.74. that time was part of a big meet for Baylor as the squad won the state title after taking second to Montgomery Bell the year before.

Here’s video of Baylor’s swim:

For the girls, Carmel continued its dominance in Indiana. The foursome of Hanna House, Alex Clarke, Veronica Burchill and Amy Bilquist chased down the state title with a blazing time of 1:40.83. Splits were unavailable. That swim pushed the public school record into the 1:40s, downing Holland’s 1:41.01 from 2011 that featured a blazing 24.66 backstroke split from Courtney Bartholomew. The time just missed the overall high school record of 1:40.73 set by Carondelet back in 2011.

Here’s video of Carmel’s swim:

The win helped Chris Plumb’s Carmel squad to its epic 28th straight state title in Indiana as the team fired on all cylinders at the IU Natatorium at IUPUI.

While Carmel and Baylor had the most impressive medley relay swims of the high school year, other teams around the country made the 2013-14 season more amazing. A look at the top eight relays per gender shows the remarkable depth and talented speed evident in high school swimming, which is a promising sign for the future of the sport.

Boys 200 Medley Relay Top 8
1, 1:27.74, Baylor School, Luke Kaliszak (12), Dustin Tynes (12), Sam McHugh (12), Christian Selby (11)
2, 1:28.93, Bolles School, Josh Booth (12), James Daugherty (9 ), Joseph Schooling (12), William McKinney (12)
3, 1:29.64, Chesterton, Aaron Whitaker (12), Jack Wallar (12), Blake Pieroni (12), Gary Kostbade (9)
4, 1:30.10, University, Daniel Tran (11), Michael Schiffer (12), Corey Corey (12), William Hofstadter (11)
5, 1:30.26, LaSalle College, Kyle Shurmur (11), Mike McBryan (12), Greg Brocato (11), Nick Stachel (11)
6, 1:30.67, Granada, Trent Trump (12), Nick Silverthorn (12), Maxime Rooney (10), Bryce McLaggan (12)
7, 1:30.86, North Allegheny Senior, Zachary Buerger (12), Casey Melzer (11), Greg Arnold (11), Max Staresinic (11)
8, 1:31.02, Upper St. Clair, Ryan Dudzinski (11), Tomos Williams (11), Fynn Minuth (11), Nathan Novak (12)

Girls 200 Medley Relay Top 8
1, 1:40.83, Carmel, Hanna House (12), Alex Clarke (11), Veronica Burchill (10), Amy Bilquist (11)
2, 1:41.45, Sacred Heart, Asia Seidt (10), Kennedy Lohman (10), Victoria Horsman (11), Brooke Bauer (10)
3, 1:41.79, Crean Lutheran, Emily Eastin (10), Rachel Taylor (9 ), Ella Eastin (11), Lindsey Engel (12)
4, 1:41.96, Chanhassen, Zoe Avestruz (11), Bridgette Grobe (12), Kaia Grobe (11), Kylie Dahlgren (11)
5, 1:42.05, Crown Point, Aly Tetzloff (11), Kelsi Artim (9 ), Hannah Kukurugya (9 ), Racheal Bukowski (12)
6, 1:42.09, Hershey, Meaghan Raab (12), Vivian Tafuto (11), Gabi Broschard (12), Colette Robinson (10)
7, 1:42.10, North Allegheny, Jacquelyn Du (11), Erin Kuhn (10), Kayla Churman (11), Morgan Soulia (11)
8, 1:42.22, Downers Grove North, Gabby Sims (12), Gabriele Serniute (11), Maddy Sims (12), Emily Albrecht (11)

2013-14 NISCA Girls High School All-Americans

2013-14 NISCA Boys High School All-Americans

NOTE: All America times have to be submitted to NISCA by a certain deadline in order to make the 2014 All-American list. Coaches can submit times here: Corrections can also be submitted to NISCA via three emails: Boys Swimming contact:; Girls Swimming contact:; Boys and Girls Diving contact:

This is the first day of what will be an 11-day showcase of the NISCA All-American program. Swimming World is proud to partner with NISCA to provided a global spotlight on high school swimming in the U.S., and will be talking to some of the top movers-and-shakers in high school swimming this week as part of the Morning Swim Show. Additionally, we’ll be taking a look back at some of the best of the best high school swimmers historically.

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