New York Annihilates Competition for Third Premier League Win

MORAGA, CALIF., April 9. NEW YORK Athletic Club took home yet another
tournament win this weekend in Moraga, Calif., after dominating the field
against Shore Aquatics in the final game, 11-9. New York came out swinging
with eight goals to Shore's two in the first half. Wolf Wigo (New York,
NY/Stanford 1995/New York Athletic Club) led NYAC through the tournament for
the fourth time and had four goals in the final game. Brett McCleave (Long
Beach, Calif./CSU Long Beach/Shore Aquatics) led Shore in scoring with four
goals in the championship.

Round 4 Outstanding Athletes:
Outstanding Offensive Player:
John Mann (Newport Beach, Calif./UC Berkeley/New York Athletic Club)
Outstanding Defensive Player:
Rick Merlo (Fresno, Calif./UC Irvine 2005/New York Athletic Club)
Outstanding Youth:
Blake Hubble (Malibu, Calif./Royal HS/Coastal California Zone NT)
Outstanding Goalkeeper:
Genai Kerr (San Diego, Calif./UC Irvine/Shore Aquatics)

The semifinal games, held Sunday morning, featured the first shootout of the
tournament in which Shore Aquatics sunk four of five shootout goals to
advance to the final match against New York AC. Los Angeles was minus a
power player, Chris Segesman (Santa Barbara, Calif./CSULB 2002/Los Angeles
WPC), who had to return to Southern California on Saturday night. Segesman
scored three goals for L.A. to push them to a victory in their quarterfinal
game against Olympic.

1st Place (Game 20): Shore Aquatics v. New York Athletic Club
Box Score:
Shore: 1,1,3,4-9
NYAC: 3,5,1,2-11

Individual Scoring:
Shore: Hamilton 1, Sagehorn 2, Zatovic 1, Nesmith 1, McCleave 4
NYAC: Wigo 4, Kern 3, Flesher 1, Garcia 1, Rex-Kiss 1, Bushuev 1

Goal Saves:
Shore: Kerr 12
NYAC: Moses 22

Player Advantage Scoring:
Shore: 1 of 4, 0 of 1 (penalty)
NYAC: 2 of 2, 1 of 2 (penalty)

3rd Place (Game 19) Los Angeles WPC v. Pacific Zone NT
Los Angeles led the game throughout the first half, but Pacific was not
going under without a fight. The pacific team made a three-goal surge to
gain the lead in the third period of play, but their lead was short lived.
LA came back with a goal from Brett Ormsby (El Cajon, Calif./UCLA 2006/Los
Angeles WPC) late in the third. From there, the intensity went up at least a
few notches as both teams fought for the lead. With only a few seconds left
on the clock, the game was tied and Pacific had the ball. L.A.'s Kevin Witt
(Glendale, Calif./LMU 2003/Pacific Zone NT) stole the ball and chucked it
from across the pool at an open goal. L.A. won with a half a second left to

Box Score:
LAWPC: 3,3,4,3-13
Pacific: 2,2,5,3-12

Individual Scoring:
LAWPC: Bailey 3, Szego 1, Krumpholz 2, Crum 1, Ormsby 1, Witt 5
Pacific: Vasijevic 1, Sharf 6, Buckner 2, Tyrrell 2, Jacobsen 1

Goal Saves:
LAWPC: Brooks 9
Pacific: Hohener 4, Vaquier 5

Player Advantage Scoring:
LAWPC: 1 of 4, 3 of 3 (penalty)
Pacific: 2 of 8, 1 of 1 (penalty)

5th Place (Game 18): The Olympic Club v. Coastal California NT
During the course of these rough four quarters, three Olympic players were
penalized for interferences. First, Ryan Flynn (Orange, Calif./UC Berkeley
1997/Olympic Club) was majored from the game for interfering with a penalty
shot. Then, in the third quarter, Giovanni Napolitano (Siracusa, Italy,
Sicily 1994/Olympic Club) was penalized for interfering with a free throw
and, finally, a 20-second penalty was given to J.P. MacDonell (Redwood City,
Calif./Bellamine HS/Olympic Club) late in the fourth quarter. Coastal was
able to capitalize on these advantages, but not enough to take the lead from

Box Score:
Olympic: 5,4,1,2-12
Coastal: 2,4,4,1-11

Individual Scoring:
Olympic: Lathrop 1, Stoddard 1, Quist 2, Wellen 3, Varellas 1, Hopkins 3,
MacDonell 1
Coastal: Hewko 1, Hubbell 2, Partelow 2, Hernandez 1, Sinclair 4, MacDonell

Goal Saves:
Olympic: Nolan 15
Coastal: Elliot 17
Player Advantage Scoring:
Olympic: 0 of 5, 1 of 2 (penalty)
Coastal: 2 of 7, 2 of 2 (penalty)

7th Place (Game 17): Southern California NT v. Northeast Zone NT
Southern California took an early lead against the Northeast Zone team and
continued to dominate throughout. The Northeast team made it on the
scoreboard early in the second quarter with an ejection goal by John Voith
(Coral Gables, Fla./Harvard 2007/Northeast Zone NT). In the second half,
Southern California got creative with some of their shots, beginning with a
hidden ball between the legs trick by Trevor Clark (Huntington Beach,
Calif./USC 2008/Southern California Zone NT) to a conversion.

Box Score:
SoCal: 5,5,6,3-19
Northeast: 0,3,1,2-6

Individual Scoring:
SoCal: Gerardi 1, Hatch 1, Bitter 2, Delgadillo 4, Ligtenberg 3, Clark 4,
Tomassi 1, Wells 3
Northeast: Voith 1, Gorkouski 1, Hornberger 1, Milanovic 2, Asajavicius 1

Goal Saves:
SoCal: Shilling 6, Wiebe-Bailey 5
Northeast: Connally 5, Whitten 3

Player Advantage Scoring:
SoCal: 3 of 4, 1 of 1 (penalty)
Northeast: 3 of 7, 1 of 1 (penalty)

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