Motivational Monday: Resolutions

By Dave Denniston

CARLSBAD, California. January 2. HAVE you broken it yet? It’s already day two of millions of New Year’s resolutions, and millions of New Year’s resolutions have already been broken or forgotten about.

New Year’s Resolutions are basically just goals that we set for ourselves. While most of us start out the New Year with the absolute best of intentions, very few of us make it to February with that new resolution intact or even still in mind. Here are some thoughts on keeping that resolution a little longer.

Write your goal down and put it where you will see it everyday. Most of us can’t even do this simple task, because by writing it down and displaying it we become committed to fulfilling that goal. This is a scary idea to many of us, but it is crucial in achieving your goal.

The only person I know who has very successfully accomplished a significant goal without writing it down is a guy by the name of Jason Regier. And the only reason he didn’t write it down was because he was a quadriplegic. He literally couldn’t move anything from his shoulders down. His first goal was to be able to scratch his face when it itched. Now he is one of the dominant players on the USA Quad Rugby team.

To this day Jason can’t straighten his arm over his head. He can move his wrist up and down and he has some control over his shoulders and biceps. He is also one of the greatest Quad Rugby players in the world. And he does a fine job of combing his own hair and yes, scratching his face.

So, unless you can’t use your hands for whatever reason, today is the day to write that New Year’s resolution down. Display it proudly where you can see it everyday, and other people can see it to. If someone knows that you have a goal, they are more likely to help you achieve it.

Take pride in the “change” you are trying to make. Own up to your goal and make it something that you will be proud of achieving. Good luck.

Okay, no more surfing. Stop. Write it down!

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