Michigan Overtakes Florida for Top Spot in CSCAA’s NCAA Men’s Division I Rankings

PHOENIX, Arizona, November 6. THE College Swim Coaches Association of America has released its second NCAA Men's Division I rankings, with the Michigan Wolverines earning a unanimous nod atop the rankings.

The goal of the CSCAA rankings committee this year will be to produce an in-season poll of the 25 best performing teams in rank order at the time of each poll. The poll is not designed to predict the results of the NCAA Championship, but rather which teams would win head-to-head against other teams in the country.

Specifically, the poll committee does not differentiate between the types of meets, or the status of a specific team in terms of rested vs. unrested, when considering votes. Further, rankings are only based on performances that have taken place up to that point in the season, with an emphasis on action from the previous poll.

Notably, Swimming World has been invited as a media member as part of the polling process, and now has a vote in each poll. Jason Marsteller is serving as Swimming World's representative on these calls.

1. Michigan (4-0, Big Ten 3-0)
Last Poll: #2

W, #25 Wisconsin, 172.5-115.5
W, #13 Minnesota, 170-124
W, @ #5 Texas, 194-106
W, #8 Indiana, 223-77

Michigan overtook Florida as the clear top-ranked team in the country after putting up one of the most impressive runs in the country since the first poll. The Wolverines faced a pair of top 10 teams in Texas and Indiana in Austin, and trumped both squads easily. Since the last poll, Mike Bottom's squad has turned in some remarkable swims. Returning Olympian Connor Jaeger surged to the top of the rankings in the 500 free with a 4:21.20 and in the 1000 free with an 8:56.34, while Michael Wynalda placed second in the 200 free with a 1:36.11.

Miguel Ortiz also picked up a top ranking with a 47.82 in the 100 back, while Richard Funk threw down a 54.28 to jump ahead of William & Mary's Andrew Strait for the top spot in the 100 breast. He also picked up the top spot in the 200 breast with a 1:58.83.

Dylan Bosch topped the 200 fly in 1:45.54, with Michigan showing stunning depth in the event with Kyle Whitaker (1:46.89) and John Wojciechowski (1:47.19) sitting fourth and fifth in the event rankings. Whitaker also has the best 400 IM in the country with a 3:50.92.

2. Florida (3-0, SEC 3-0)
Last Poll: #1

1, All Florida Invitational
W, @ #9 Georgia, 192-104
W, @ #12 South Carolina, 166-128
W, #21 Texas A&M, 197-98

Florida dropping from a unanimous No. 1 to second was more about Michigan putting on a show in the last two weeks and nothing Gregg Troy's Gators did wrong. So far this year, Florida has smacked the Southeastern Conference around with wins against ranked opponents in Georgia, South Carolina and Texas A&M, and they did so handily.

Pawel Werner put on a show in the 200 free with a third-ranked 1:37.04 since the first poll, while Sebastien Rousseau ranked just behind him with a fourth-place 1:37.39. Jason Taylor turned up the heat in the 1000 free with a fourth-ranked time of 9:03.34, while Carlos Omana is now ranked fifth in the event with a 9:04.00.

Rousseau collected another top-five swim since the last poll, ranking second in the 200 fly with a sizzling 1:45.73, while Marcin Cieslak ranks third in the event with a 1:46.00. In a head-to-head meet between Michigan and Florida, the 200 fly would be a clinic for swimmers as the two teams own the top five spots in the early rankings. Rousseau also jumped to third in the 200 IM with a 1:48.45 giving Florida the top three spots in the event. Eduardo Solaeche-Gomez and Cieslak posted their top two times of 1:48.08 and 1:48.26 to open the season.

Matt Elliott surged to fifth in the country in the 100 breast with a 55.06, while also earning fourth in the nation in the 200 breast with a 1:59.44.

3. Stanford (1-0, Pac 12 0-0)
Last Poll: #3

2nd, Pacific Invitational
W, #25 Wisconsin, 184-104

While the Stanford Cardinal has had one of the lighter schedules of the top teams in the early part of the year, the team still managed to be rude hosts to visiting No. 25 Wisconsin with a 184-104 drubbing. While Aaron Wayne and David Nolan were known commodities with sizzling times out of the Pacific Invitational, Danny Thomson surged into the top 10 rankings in the 1000 free with a 9:07.31 against the Badgers. Wayne also demonstrated some depth by adding to his already impressive haul of top five times with an eighth-ranked 48.15 in the 100 fly since the first poll of the year. Bryan Offutt also vaulted to eighth in the 400 IM with a 3:54.67.

4. Texas (1-1, Big 12 0-0)
Last Poll: #5

1st, Southwest Collegiate Plunge
W, #8 Indiana, 185-115
L, #2 Michigan, 194-106

When your only loss is to the newly-crowned top team in the nation, you might actually move up in the rankings. Texas did so with its efforts in hosting then No. 2 Michigan and then No. 8 Indiana, besting the Hoosiers and coming up a bit short of the stocked Wolverines. Clay Youngquist has been a stud early in the season, already winning a National Swimmer of the Week nod. He leads the nation in the 200 free (1:35.26) and is fifth in the 100 free with a 44.37. He's also clocked a runner-up time of 4:21.44 in the 500 free behind Michigan's Connor Jaeger.

Meanwhile, Dax Hill moved up to sixth in the 200 free with a 1:37.60. Michael McBroom charted a third-ranked time of 9:03.28 in the 1000 free since the last poll, while Kip Darmody is fourth in the 100 back with a 48.44. Darmody also shot to the top of the rankings in the 200 back with a 1:45.21.

5. California (2-0, Pac 12 0-0)
Last Poll: #7

W, Pacific, 141-107
W, #25 Wisconsin, 158-125

California, like Stanford, is another squad without much of an early season resume having downed then No. 25 Wisconsin 158-125 since the last poll. The defending champions definitely aren't showing too many of their cards right now. Jeremy Bagshaw is ranked ninth in the country in the 500 free with a 4:26.18, while Marcin Tarczynski turned in an eighth-ranked 1:46.85 in the 200 back this weekend. Josh Prenot also had a strong weekend as well with a fourth-ranked 1:48.84 in the 200 IM.

6. Southern California (1-0, Pac 12 0-0)
Last Poll: #4

W, #14 NC State, 173-119

The Trojans posted a powerful victory over then No. 14 NC State prior to the first poll, but fell a bit in the rankings with the ascendance of California in the rankings due to recent activity. USC hasn't had a chance to put up any more times since the first poll on Oct. 26.

7. Indiana (2-2, Big Ten 0-1)
Last Poll: #8

W, @ Kentucky, 196-104
W, #25 Tennessee, 183-117
L, #2 Michigan, 223-77
L, #5 Texas, 185-115

Compete against the best, and the committee will reward you. That's what Indiana has to be saying after moving up a spot with a 2-2 record. The Hoosiers started off with a 2-0 record including a victory against Tennessee early in the season before having a tough battle against then No. 2 Michigan and then No. 5 Texas since the last poll.

The Hoosiers have some significant top-end talent. Cody Miller is second in the country in the 200 breast with a 1:58.96 as well as ranked eighth with a 1:49.52 in the 200 IM and a 55.26 in the 100 breast. Steve Schmuhl turned in a 10th-ranked 1:47.98 in the 200 fly, and posted the seventh-ranked 400 IM with a 3:54.50. James Wells is third in the nation in the 100 back with a 48.37, while Eric Ress is seventh with a 48.60 showing tremendous depth in the stroke. Ress is third in the 200 back with a 1:45.66, with Schmuhl sixth in the event with a 1:46.12.

8. Virginia (3-0, ACC 0-0)
Last Poll: Not Ranked

W, Navy, 162-124
W, @ Pittsburgh, 159-130
W, #12 South Carolina, 160-126

Virginia didn't waste any time after missing out on the first poll due to lack of early-season activity, vaulting into the top 10 in the nation with a 3-0 run in the past two weeks, including a triumph over then No. 12 South Carolina.

Bradley Phillips posted an eighth-ranked 9:07.98 in the 1000 free, while Jon Daniec ranked ninth with a 9:08.85 during that time span. Brady Fox jumped to seventh in the nation with his 1:46.31 in the 200 back, while Taylor Grey is eighth in the country with a 2:00.75 in the 200 breast.

9. Minnesota (2-1, Big Ten 2-1)
Last Poll: #13

L, @ #2 Michigan, 170-124
W, #25 Wisconsin, 191-100
W, #19 Iowa, 165.5-132.5

The Golden Gophers witnessed a jump in the rankings after a slate of ranked victories. So far this year, Minnesota has wins against then No. 25 Wisconsin and then No. 19 Iowa. The Gophers have put up some impressive efforts since last poll. Kyler Van Swol owns the top-ranked time in the nation in the 100 fly with a 47.82, while Derek Toomey is ranked sixth in the 50 free with a 20.16 and Jared Anderson is seventh with a 55.11 in the 100 breast. Van Swol also ranks sixth in the 200 fly with a 1:47.47.

10. Georgia (1-1, SEC 0-1)
Last Poll: t9

W, @ Georgia Tech, 161-133
L, #1 Florida, 192-104

Georgia sustained a loss against then No. 1 ranked Florida since the previous rankings, but showed enough strength during the loss to remain in the top 10. Jameson Hill is ranked seventh in the 200 free with a 1:37.81, while Martin Grodzki stands eighth in the 500 free with a 4:26.05. Grodzki also is second in the 1000 free with a time of 9:03.26, while Nicholas Fink is also second in the nation with a 54.85 in the 100 breast. Fink also ranks sixth in the 200 breast with a 2:00.18, while Tynan Stewart owns the sixth-ranked swim in the 200 IM with a 1:49.30.

11. North Carolina (3-0, ACC 1-0)
Last Poll: t9

W, #12 South Carolina, 168-132
W, #21 Texas A&M, 178.5-121.5

W, Virginia Tech, 173.5-126.5

The Tar Heels stood relatively pat in the rankings, even though the squad is 3-0. A log jam from 7 through 11 had pretty much all the teams as a tossup, with North Carolina winding up at the ended after voting was said and done.

12. Auburn (3-0, SEC 3-0)
Last Poll: #6

W, #20 Alabama, 175-68
W, #22 LSU, 213-87
W, @ Kentucky, 205.5-94.5

The Auburn Tigers took a heavy fall with new teams entering the fray on this poll, and with Auburn not putting up the strongest times since the first poll. Auburn had a strong early season set of times, but did not need much against Kentucky and suffered in voting due to the lack of productivity in the last few weeks. Marcelo Chierghini still holds the third-ranked 50fre in the nation with a 20.04, hatching the output from Stanford's Aaron Wayne. He also is second in the country in the 100 free with a 43.77. Kyle Owens is second in the 100 back with a 48.01, while Zane Grothe is first in the 1650 free with a 15:27.55, all times from before the first poll.

13. Tennessee (3-1, SEC 1-0)
Last Poll: #24

W, @ UNC-Wilmington, 175-118
W, @ Kentucky, 194-106
L, #8 Indiana, 183-117
W, #16 Louisville, 168.5-131.5 Upset

Tennessee made the single largest jump in the rankings, vaulting from 25th up to 13th after one of two upsets in the past two weeks. The Vols upended then No. 16 Louisville in Knoxville to make the jump. UT also put up a fight against then No. 8 Indiana since the first poll, leading to a drastic upswing in voting from the committee.

14. Iowa (1-1, Big Ten 1-1)
Last Poll: #19

W, @ Michigan State, 185-108
L, @ #13 Minnesota, 165.5-132.5

Iowa earned a second look from voters with a hard-fought loss to then No. 13 Minnesota as the Hawkeyes moved up from 19th to 14th in the latest poll as Iowa continues to be an ever-improving program in an already deep Big Ten Conference. Roman Trussov improved to sixth in the country in the 100 breast with a 55.08, while Byron Butler took fifth in the 100 fly with a 47.97. Trussov also stands seventh in the 200 breast with a 2:00.60. Dustin Rhoads threw down the fifth-ranked 100 back in the nation with a 48.55.

15. Virginia Tech (6-1, ACC 3-1)
Last Poll: Not Ranked

W, VMI, 281-33
W, Gardner-Webb, 269.5-45.5
L, @ #9 North Carolina, 173.5-126.5
W, @ Duke, 208-92
W, @ #15 Florida State, 162-136
W, @ UNC Wilmington, 232-68
W, @ Georgia Tech, 178-122

Virginia Tech had one of the most impressive resumes since the first poll, shooting up to 15th after not being ranked during the first call. Va Tech battled with then No. 9 North Carolina, and also clipped No. 15 Florida State to send the Seminoles down the rankings and move up to replace them. Morgan Latimer is ranked ninth in the 200 fly with a 1:47.91, while Zach McGinnis stands eighth in the100 back with a 48.64. Virginia Tech also has a strong distance ability with Jacob Ores seventh in the country in the 1650 free with a 15:44.69.

16. NC State (2-1, ACC 1-0)
Last Poll: #14

L, @ #4 Southern California, 173-119
W, East Carolina, 169-67
W, @ Duke, 178-117

With new teams jumping into the rankings, NC State sustained a small slide down from its No. 14 ranking in the initial poll. The Wolfpack still managed to improve in some of the top times rankings with Jonathan Bogga clocking a sixth-ranked 44.53 and Ivan Kopas ranking 10th in the 200 back with a 1:47.21 in the past two weeks.

17. Arizona (3-0, Pac 12 0-0)
Last Poll: #11

W, Hawaii, No Score Reported
W, UNLV, 180.5-114.5
W, Denver, 187-113

Arizona dipped a bit in the polls this week largely due to a lack of competition. The Wildcats just did not have to put up the strongest times to secure wins against UNLV and Denver, and that lack of top-flight performances in the past two weeks hurt Eric Hansen's squad in the rankings. Mitchell Friedemann did manage to post a ninth-ranked 100 back time of 49.07, while Carl Mickelson moved to fourth in the 100 breast with a 54.99. Giles Smith also grabbed 10th in the 100 fly with a 48.20.

18. Notre Dame (3-0, Big East 0-0)
Last Poll: Not Ranked

1st, Dennis Stark Relays
W, @ Oakland, 191-107
W, @ Michigan State, 178-120
W, #18 Purdue, 156-144

With an upset of then No. 18 Purdue, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish ascended into the top 25 rankings for the first time this season. Zach Stephens is the team leader with nationally-ranked swims in the 100 and 200 breaststroke events.

19. Florida State (5-1, ACC 1-1)
Last Poll: #15

2nd, All Florida Invitational
W, Florida Atlantic, 208-80
W, Duke, 186-112
W, UNC-Wilmington, 234-64
L, Virginia Tech, 162-136
W, Emory, 222-70
W, Florida Southern, 186-106

With a loss to Virginia Tech, the Seminoles slipped down to 19th in the nation according to the CSCAA pollsters. FSU has had one of the most ambitious schedules in the early season at least in terms of numbers of meets, with plenty of regional teams to compete with. The Seminoles still hold one of the top-ranked 50 free swims of the season with a 20.03 from Mark Weber, which is tied with Duke's Ben Hwang for No. 1 in the nation, but no new times since last poll have push managed to make their way high in the rankings.

20. LSU (2-1, SEC 1-1)
Last Poll: #22

W, @ Centenary, 64-38
L, @ #8 Auburn, 213-87
W, #20 Alabama, 196-104

LSU used an upset of then No. 20 Alabama to move up a bit in the rankings. The Tigers added some significant early season times with Ricardo Alvarado Jiminez moving to ninth in the 200 breast with a 2:01.04, while Michael Saco took seventh in the nation in the 50 free with a 20.18.

21. South Carolina (1-3, SEC 1-1)
Last Poll: #12

L, #9 North Carolina, 168-132
W, #21 Texas A&M, 160-140
L, #1 Florida, 166-128

L, @ Virginia, 160-126

The Gamecocks have had a loaded schedule early in the season, and its 1-3 record bit them as the squad nearly fell out of the top 25 from its lofty No. 12 ranking in the first poll. USC suffered losses to No. 1 Florida and Virginia in the past few weeks.

22. Ohio State (3-0, Big Ten 0-0)
Last Poll: Not Ranked

W, Cleveland State, 178-104
W, Kenyon, 171-110
W, Denison, 193-98

The Buckeyes haven't had a whole lot of competition since missing out on the first poll with zero times considered, but have enough on the resume to be able to move into the top 25. A battle against Tennessee this weekend in Knoxville will tell the country a whole lot about both teams.

23. Louisville (1-1, Big East 0-0)
Last Poll: #16

W, Xavier, 182-75
L, @ #25 Tennessee, 168.5-131.5 Upset

Louisville's loss to Tennessee, along with its lack of any other activity, cost the Cardinals in a big way in the rankings. The squad, however, will have a chance to right the ship with a meet against Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., this weekend.

24. Penn State (1-0, Big Ten 0-0)
Last Poll: #17

W, @ West Virginia, 174-69

The Nittany Lions' lack of activity in the last month cost them a few spots as PSU hasn't been in the water since its season-opening win against West Virginia. The team returns this weekend against Villanova before a big battle against Indiana and Virginia in Bloomington the following weekend.

25. Purdue (2-1, Big Ten 1-0)
Last Poll: #18

1st, Indiana Intercollegiates
W, @ Miami (Ohio), 192-103
L, @ Notre Dame, 156-144
W, @ Northwestern, 172-126

Purdue's loss to Notre Dame, combined with several other teams joining the rankings, nearly pushed the Boilermakers out of the top 25. The squad managed to keep a firm grasp on the final spot, however, and will head into the Purdue Invitational in two weeks with some ground to make up.

Also receiving votes: Missouri, Alabama, UNLV, Denver, Wisconsin
Dropped out: Alabama, Texas A&M, Missouri State, Wisconsin

CSCAA Men's Division 1 Team Ranking Committee
Chair: Bill Roberts, United States Naval Academy; Steve Fletcher, Rider University; James Holder, Georgetown University; Braden Holloway, North Carolina State University; Jason Marsteller, Swimming World Magazine; McGee Moody, University of South Carolina; Vic Riggs, West Virginia University; Dan Ross, Purdue University; Brian Schrader, Denver University; Dorsey Tierney-Walker, Arizona State University

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