Latest Update on George Haines’ Recovery

(The following is the latest update on Coach George Haines' recovery from a severe stroke last month. The update is written by Haines' daughter, Kerry haines Derr.)

August 5, 2001

Hello well wishers,

Every day Dad makes a gain. Some days it is harder to see than others, but he improves daily. He spends more time in the wheelchair and propels it himself now. He uses his left hand and leg to move around.

He spends a great deal of his physical therapy time standing between the parallel bars shifting his weight to the right side. The right knee still buckles under the weight, but since sister Jody does a lot of spotting during the P.T. she says he is getting stronger. The therapist agrees.

There is little work on the right arm at this point… got to get him to get himself up out of bed and into his wheel chair.

He has speech therapy daily. This is hard to watch as he knows what is asked of him but he can't quite get it out. High frustration for him. He is improving, but you know him: it is not at the rate he expects.

His swallowing is improved so his food is beginning to have texture and his liquids have less thickening. This makes him have more interest in the food… baby food is not cutting it in his book!!

We expect him to be in this facility for awhile. How long? Don't know. He is making headway, it just isn't at the rate our hearts want. We are encouraged, though.

I know many of you would jump in the car or on an airplane to come and see Dad, but sorry…no can do! He is not ready for you yet.

I sincerely believe you all will get your chance but not yet. He needs to present himself to you at a point where he is comfortable. This leads to the November 3 party/reunion/pool renaming celebration.

Mom and I have discussed this date and we do not think he will be ready to travel by then. That doesn't mean we won't ever have the party, we are postponing it to some future date.

We all thank you for your care and concern. We appreciate all your kind thoughts and prayers… they are working.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at I see this email box almost daily and will reply (a few sentences anyway). I will update again next weekend.

Kerry Haines Derr

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