Industry News: TYR’s AquaShift Suit Claims to be the Fastest

Huntington Beach, CA, March 10. THE battle over which swimsuit is the fastest continues. According to TYR, the Aqua Shift is more than a suit. It's an innovation! It’s a new technology!

“TYR’s team of experts and Olympian swimmers discovered that if they used a Tripwire to shift and harness the energy to their advantage at the first point-of-entry, the benefits from TYR’s Aqua Shift work instantaneously,” says Steve Furniss, Founder and Executive Vice President of Huntington Beach, CA-based swimsuit manufacturer TYR and former Captain of the U.S. Olympic Swim Team.

According to TYR, the head is the leading edge of resistance. And since laminar flow is disrupted at the head, it's safe to say that tripping the boundary layer immediately will have the greatest opportunity to attach the flow over the entire body. That means even a greater reduction in drag. In fact, when tripping the boundary layer at multiple locations allows for yet even more flow-separation. So a strategically placed tripwire on the TYR patent-pending cap, along with a smooth rounded top, breaks, refracts and catapults the swimmer through the water giving him/her the head start they have always been searching for.

This same technology is used with TYR’s Tripwire caps and TYR’s Aqua Bands. The material acts as a slick, second skin. Meanwhile, the mesh on the inside of the forearm works as water traction. Together, the concept works like this — the propulsive component of the swimmer’s stroke is his/her forearm. By strategically increasing the surface area, TYR has increased his/her ability to pull without increasing any resistance through the recovery. Just think of it as ascending an aquatic ladder.

And since TYR’s tapered Aqua Band sleeves are not attached to the suit, the swimmer can compete with all the enhanced power, hydrodynamics and compression without any restraint in the shoulders.

“Together, with TYR’s patent-pending Tripwire caps, this family is a win-win situation,” notes Furniss.

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