Dryland Tip: “Paralyzed Dog” Looks Weird But Will Make You a Better Butterflyer

SANTA CLARA, California, April 26. THE butterfly stroke requires strong core strength to keep the hips active and the body moving forward. G. John Mullen of the Center for Optimal Restoration provides us with the Paralyzed Dog, a unique dryland exercise that works the muscles needed to become a better butterflyer.

Purpose: Butterfly requires core stability in the anterior saggital plane. This strength allows the athlete to keep their body weight forward and hips up throughout the stroke. This exercise helps improve the anterior saggital plane strength, as the athlete engages their latissimus dorsi muscles.

Directions: Start in the push-up position, but with your ankles pointed. Next, have the athlete contract their abdominals, then push their body off the ground, attempting to move forward. While doing this, have the swimmer keep their core tight and hips high. Also, ensure their chin is tucked and in a straight line.

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