Colorado’s Monarch High School Sets Interscholastic SCM Relay Mark

LOUISVILLE, Colo., April 10. THE Monarch (Colorado) High School team found the right combination for the 200 meter (sc)freestyle relay team Friday afternoon.

In fact, it found the best one ever in high school.

The team of Kyle Miranda, Kyle Gordon, Zach Ruske and Tom Kozaczynski swam a time of 1:35.95 in a 108-68 win over Northglenn. Before Friday, the best time for a 200-meter high school race in the U.S. was 1:37.20. However, most high school competition in the U.S. is conducted in a 25-yard venue, rather than 25-meter.

With their time, the Coyotes set the new national high school record, previously held by South Lakes High School in Virginia.

"We hadn't really loaded this relay and then we saw what the record was. Then Kyle Miranda saw the record and we decided to go for it the next time we had a chance in a meter pool," Monarch coach Gretchen McSwain said.

The old record was set in 1998 and the Coyotes knew it was possible to break. Not every pool in the state is measured in meters, so they needed the right chance to get the new mark. The Louisville Rec Center pool is a 25-meter course, so the Coyotes decided to try.

"We had a dual meet and we were just waiting to see when we could do it," McSwain said. "We gave them a challenge and they stood up to it."

The team will send all the information that the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association needs to verify the time. It has 30 days, but there should be no problems adding another item to the list of achievments for the defending state champions.

Monarch 108
Northglenn 68

200 medley relay — 1. Monarch (S. Garrsion, B. Roth, K.
Miranda, M. Menhennet) 2:00.93*; 2. Monarch, 2:03.02; 3. Monarch, 2:03.96.

200 freestyle — 1. Matt Menhennet, Monarch, 2:12.55*; 2. Mike Gawel, Northglen, 2:13.97*; 3. Mitch Berggren, Monarch, 2:21.38*.

200 IM — 1. Rich Milligan, Northglenn, 2:35.14; 2. Shelby Garrsion, Monarch, 2:46.35; 3. Ryan Monk, Monarch, 2:46.93.

50 freestyle — 1. Tom Kozaczynski, Monarch, :23.81*; 2. Kyle Miranda, Monarch, :24.00*; 3. Jon Olson, Northglenn, :27.43*.

Diving — 1. Perry Buchery, Northglenn, 108.35.

100 butterfly — 1. Jermey Dittmen, Northglenn, 1:16.67; 2. Ben VanDehy, Monarch, 1:21.49; 3. Vladamir Dubovsky, Monarch, 1:24.47.

100 freestyle — 1. Matt Lundy, Monarch, :56.63*; 2. Matt Menhennet, Monarch, :59.71; 3. Mike Gawel, Northglenn, 1:00.61.

500 freestyle — 1. David Kinz, Monarch, 6:51.56; 2. John Everard, Northglenn, 7:02.93; 3. Pat Gaines, Northglenn, 7:10.94.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Monarch (Kyle Miranda, Zach Ruske, Kyle Gordon, Tom Kozaczynski) 1:35.95#; 2. Monarch, 1:59.82; 3. Northglenn, 2:06.89.

100 backstroke — 1. David Kinz, Monarch, 1:16.61; 2. Shelby Garrison, Monarch, 1:17.48; 3. Theo VanDehy, 1:25.77.

100 breaststroke — 1. Rich Milligan, Northglenn, 1:18.72; 2. Alberto Gonzalez, Monarch, 1:19.30; 3. Andrew McSwain, Monarch, 1:19.97.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Northglenn (Jeremy Dittmer, Jon Olson, Mike Gawel, Rich Milligan) 4:13.5; 2. Monarch, 4:15.43; 3. Monarch, 4:18.70.

* State qualfiying time.
# National HS record

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