A Magic Bullet for NCAA’s Title IX Problem

By John Leonard

FT. LAUDERDALE, Nov. 21. UNIVERSITY of Minnesota Wrestling Coach J. Robinson has come up with the magic bullet to attack the problems found in NCAA institution compliance with Title IX.

His recommendation, found in Athletic Business Magazine of November, 2001, is so simple it is incredible that it has been overlooked for so many years. Like many "magic solutions" to tough problems, its simplicity is its beauty.

Robinson says "Amend Title IX legislative language to read that no men's programs can be eliminated to come into compliance with Title IX."

Now the women’s numbers will have to come up.

What could be simpler, or better for sports for both genders?

Who gets hurt? Probably the football programs and those basketball programs paying excess dollars to and for everything. Football and basketball with, in many cases, very marginal students, are now basically responsible for the inequities in partcipation figures (football) and spending (both sports).

If we want to save Olympic sports in NCAA institutions, its time we all attack the heart of the problem, which is football and basketball to a lesser degree.

I say this with a heavy heart as I love my Florida Gators football with a passion. But facts are facts. We are losing swimming programs and other Olympic sports because football coaches think they need 90 scholarship athletes to fill 11-on field positions. Come on guys.

Hurrah for Coach Robinson. Right on.

Now, let's write to our Congressmen and urge this solution on the legislative process.

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