Full Autopsy Unveils Blood Clot Lead to Alexander Dale Oen's Untimely Death -- June 12, 2012

OSLO, Norway, June 12. AT a press conference today, doctors revealed results of a full autopsy into Alexander Dale Oen's untimely death during high altitude training in Flagstaff, Ariz.

According to reporting by and, Dale Oen died of a heart attack caused by a blood clot in one of his coronary arteries. Dr. Eivind Berge, a cardiologist said in a statement that this type of coronary artery disease is highly unusual in young people such as Dale Oen.

He went on to say typically this type of heart disease is associated with high cholesterol, smoking, obesity or inactivity. The doctor stated that Dale Oen had slightly increased cholesterol levels, but no other known risk factors.

The doctor also went on to apologize for not catching the problem sooner, and explained that the issues likely began in conjunction with a shoulder injury Dale Oen had in January. The autopsy revealed that Dale Oen had changes in his heart muscle that is consistent with small infarctions just 1-2 months before his death.

An initial autopsy was inconclusive. Since his death, Alexander's brother Robin has created a memorial fund called the Dale Oen Experience.

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Alexander Dale Oen after the Men's 100m Breaststroke at the National Aquatics Center during the 2008 Beijing Olympics
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