Michael McBroom
Courtesy of: Peter H. Bick
GLASGOW, Scotland, December 21. MICHAEL McBroom dominated the men's 800 freestyle for the men as he clocked a sterling time of 7:33.99 at the Duel in the Pool this evening. That's the top time in the world by a large margin, beating the 7:41.06 clocked by Soren Meissner at German Nationals earlier this year.

McBroom's time now stands as the official American record, smashing the 7:39.90 set by Michael Klueh in 2011, but is not the best legal effort by an American in the event. Chad La Tourette still owns that distinction with a 7:33.94 from 2009.

USA Swimming decided that American records set in techsuits after Oct. 1, 2009 -- when USA Swimming implemented the techsuit ban domestically - would not be ratified. This is the case even for times swum legally in international events where ban was not in effect yet.

Pal Joensen hit the wall second in 7:39.69 for some valuable points for the European All Stars. With a massive effort, Klueh used another patented final push to overtake Yannick Agnel for third-place points, 7:41.96 to 7:42.07. James Guy rounded out the heat in 7:47.36.