ZUMO Performance of the Week: Hannah Moore Rebounds From DQ To Qualify For Worlds

Hannah Moore Open Water Nationals 2019; Photo Courtesy: Andy Ross
Hannah Moore Open Water Nationals 2019; Photo Courtesy: Andy Ross

This week’s ZUMO Performance of the Week goes to NC State’s Hannah Moore for her Worlds-qualifying performance in the women’s 5K at the 2019 US Open Water Nationals.

And while Moore’s swim itself was significant (it is her first ever-Worlds team and just one year into her open water swimming career), what made Moore’s swim so noteworthy is what it came after.

After finishing third in the 10K two days earlier, Moore thought she had qualified for the 25K based on her performance. What she didn’t know, however, was that she had actually been disqualified from the 10K after receiving two yellow cards during the race.

And while she admits the news made her heart sink, she was able to rebound and make the most of her second chance in the 5K.

“I thought about how grateful I am to be doing this in the first place. I think a lot of us forget that swimming is a very first-world problem. I am very lucky to be able to train and compete in general. I just love this sport so much and I’m grateful for all the people it’s brought me and the friendships. I couldn’t be mad about that. It was a hell of a race so I was happy regardless whether my time counted or not.”

Coming back in the 5K, Moore finished third overall behind Ashley Twichell and Brazilian World Champion Ana Marcela in a tight race. It was a five-woman race down the straightaway with Twichell, Marcela, Moore, Haley Anderson, and Erica Sullivan all fighting at the end toward the finish.

With Twichell and Marcela pulling away, Moore found herself in a fight with Anderson, who was the second American qualifier in the 10K earlier in the meet. Moore fought to the finish and got her hand to the pad first, finishing third overall and as the second American in the field to finally secure her Worlds spot.

Congratulations to Hannah Moore on earning ZUMO’s Performance of the Week!