YMCA Long Course Summer Nationals Cancelled

ymca nationals
Photo Courtesy: Alex Waldron

The YMCA has announced that they will be cancelling the long course summer championships that were set for this summer July 28 – August 1 in Greensboro, North Carolina. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve, the YMCA remains focused on supporting YMCAs and their communities through unprecedented and unpredictable circumstances, according to its press release.

The YMCA short course championships was one of the first events in the United States that was cancelled because of the pandemic as it was the first time since 1947 when Harry S. Truman was in office.

The YMCA released this statement:

“This was not an easy decision for Y-USA to make. We recognize this will be incredibly disappointing for the athletes, teams and families who were looking forward to the Long Course competition season. We will continue to work to find ways to recognize and honor the achievements and hard work of athletes and teams who will not get to compete in 2020.

We will share further updates as they become available. Thank you for your understanding as we work to ensure the viability, health and safety of our Y community.”

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  1. Shawn Cowper Daniels

    Chesleigh Marc Lee Jack Beachboard Paige Zemina Northcutt Rebekah Buchanan Becky Tim Behrendorff

  2. Tina Sanders Jordan

    Truly surprised they would cancel so soon. Lots could happen between now and July

  3. Ricky Gee

    This is bullshit once it warms up it will be gone

  4. David Neale

    This is way too soon to call this off. I am very disappointed by the Y leadership to call this off in March!!!!! They need to stop this and let the kids get back in the pool before they talk about canceling Long Course. Pathetic leadership at this point.

  5. David Neale

    Ok for this pathetic leadership team calling this off this early. Will you allow seniors to compete next year since you took everything away from them?

  6. Erin Carne McConkey

    Very premature decision in my opinion. My heart breaks for the seniors especially.

    • Maggie Limm

      Erin Carne McConkey exactly…if I read one more post reminding me that my senior’s pain pales in comparison to this and that-aaaugh! It’s all bad and as a mother of a HS senior swimmer—I’m just so sad for him

  7. Ness Mc

    Life first, the World is struggling!!! How selfish to think about a swimming competition??

  8. Bojan Hudec

    The commentators are a bit lost I see, whether in time or selfishness, remains to be seen. US does almost nothing at this point regarding corona virus epidemic, and yet you already have more than 100k infected and 350 mil people. With even stricter measures far smaller countries with far better health care systems will have this situation for at least 4 months. So, no, the cancellation is not premature.

  9. Diane Marcheskie

    It is the most responsible thing they could do. I understand that this championship is important to swimmers, but times can be used from other meets. Health and wellbeing of our nation is what is important

  10. Dan Shupard

    Ugh. I think a lot of the saddened (like me) means it is casting a dark shadow into August with this virus. A saddened reality……

  11. avatar
    Swimming Attorney

    David Neale, quit the drama. This is the right thing to do.

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