Xu Jiayu Sets New SCM 100 Back World Record In Tokyo

Photo Courtesy: SIPA USA

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China’s Xu Jiayu stunned the crowd with a new world record in the men’s 100 back at the Tokyo stop of the 2018 FINA World Cup. The 23-year old Olympic silver medalist blasted a 48.88 to sneak under Kliment Kolesnikov’s 2017 world record of 48.90. Xu was out well under world record pace at the 50, flipping more than three-tenths under pace with a 23.76. He held on down the stretch with a 25.12 to set a new world record of 48.88. Australian Mitch Larkin was also out under world record pace with Xu, flipping at 23.97. He ended up with the silver in 49.54.


  1. Brian Miller

    You all just can’t force yourselves to identify short course vs long course meters, can you? I see so many requests on articles that don’t state which it is. Come on guys, it’s important!

    • Jason Aldrich

      Oh. I was thinking Ryan Murphy lost his record.

    • Sean Abbey

      they can’t do that. More people will click over the unknown. Vague and misleading headlines is the norm in today’s media.

    • Karl Stover

      Did you read the article? It literally states SCM in the title of the article.

    • Brian Miller

      Karl Stover – It does now. Shouldn’t require calling out each time. My job is done here.

  2. Bob Perkins

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