With a New Season Around the Corner, 5 Tips For a Successful Campaign


With a New Season Around the Corner, 5 Tips For a Successful Campaign

Since new seasons will begin in September, there are endless opportunities for what a new season can offer. Although most swimmers enjoy their time off, they are excited to get back in the water. Here are five helpful tips for the new campaign.

Mental Habits: Focus on the Good; Get Rid of the Bad

It can be easy to get overwhelmed. However, with a fresh start, you can create beneficial mental habits for yourself, whether they are swimming-related or not. These habits can be anything from working harder at practice, loggin better attendance or dedicating oneself to an activity such as yoga. It could even include 30 minutes of reading, or finding another relaxing option.

Getting into these new habits can be beneficial for your training and outcomes for the rest of the season. In a few weeks, training will be heavy, and whatever new habits you’ve created will be hard to change or break. So,  make the most of the first few weeks and establish a reliable pattern. Adopting this approach will help both your body and mind throughout the entirety of the season.

Leave the Past In the Past

The last season is over. It is time to move forward and take on the new year. Leave any bad memories or disappointments behind. Learn from your mistakes, but move on. It is not worth letting negative experiences affect the new season or your mindset, as it will only drag you and your teammates down. With that being said, don’t over-obsess on successes, either. It’s important to stay motivated. However, it’s all right to hold onto great memories and let them provide a boost throughout the season.

Stay in Shape

A new season can be hard on your body. There is a chance you are entering the season in less than prime shape, which happens when you take a few weeks off. However, the break is over and now it is time to kick it back into gear. That means getting back into shape ahead of the new season, and doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Take advantage of different methods of dryland. Put in a couple of extra circuits in the weight room to help your body get back into the best condition possible. It is important to allow your body time off, but you don’t want to be incpabale of finishing workouts or practices once they begin.

Set Achievable Goals

Write them down! Make it your lock screen on your phone! It is important to visualize what you want to achieve for the season and beyond. Goals can range, whether it’s improving a time by five seconds or making the all-conference team. It is critical to focus on how you want to improve. Once your goals have been established, discuss them with teammates or coaches, so they can support you and recognize how to help. Goals are great motivators throughout the season.

Be Optimistic

It is a new season, and anything can happen. So many memories are about to be created. Going into the season with an open mind will almost definitely result in better outcomes than going into the year worried and concerned. Have fun with the new season, and continue to put in the necessary work. Do not fear the future. Be excited about it!

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