Which All-Time United States Mixed Medley Relay Would Be Your Pick?


Which All-Time United States Mixed Medley Relay Would Be Your Pick?

The Olympic debut of the 400-meter mixed medley relay is less than two months away, the Tokyo Games the site of this strategy-filled event. Each nation will try to field the best combination available, seeking to take advantage of strengths while being aware of the opposition’s weaknesses. More, coaching staffs must be aware of the individual schedules of their respective athletes.

Before the launch of this event, Swimming World has put together several all-time mixed medley relays from the United States. Which squad would you select as America’s best? Or, is there another combo that you would deem more impressive? The fun in this exercise is the ability to cross generations and maneuver lineups.

Team A
Natalie Coughlin (Backstroke)
Lilly King (Breaststroke)
Michael Phelps (Butterfly)
Johnny Weissmuller (Freestyle)

Team B
Aaron Peirsol (Backstroke)
John Hencken (Breaststroke)
Mary T. Meagher (Butterfly)
Shirley Babashoff (Freestyle)

Team C
Missy Franklin (Backstroke)
Brendan Hansen (Breaststroke)
Mark Spitz (Butterfly)
Helene Madison (Freestyle)

Team D
Adolph Kiefer (Backstroke)
Rebecca Soni (Breaststroke)
Dana Vollmer (Butterfly)
Matt Biondi (Freestyle)

Team E
Ryan Murphy (Backstroke)
Megan Quann (Breaststroke)
Sharon Stouder (Butterfly)
Duke Kahanamoku (Freestyle)

Team F
Regan Smith (Backstroke)
Catie Ball (Breaststroke)
Pablo Morales (Butterfly)
Rowdy Gaines (Freestyle)


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    Mark J

    Steve Lundquist needs to be included somewhere on Breaststroke

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      While Phelps is the GOAT, the 100 fly was his fourth best event behind his IMs and the 200 fly, and he was not a great relay swimmer (no HS or college swimming probably hurt his relay swimming). I would put either Mark Spitz or Ian Crocker ahead of Phelps to swim the fly leg of a medley. And wasn’t Mary T a much more dominant flyer than just about any American in any stroke so she should be on the A relay, with Hencken or Lundquist swimming breaststroke instead of Lily King.

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    Where is Lenny Kryzelburg?!

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    What if we tried:

    Missy Franklin
    Lilly King
    Michael Phelps
    Jason Lezak