Watch Virtual Race Between Tarzan, Matt Biondi, Buster Crabb, Mark Spitz, And Don Schollander

virtual race

During the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Cadillac created The Cadillac Challenge. It was a virtual race to determine the Best male Swimmer of the 20th Century. The TEST of the Best – the race is called by Hall of Famer, Rowdy Gaines with a field of Buster Crabbe, Johnny Weissmuller, Don Schollander, Mark Spitz and Matt Biondi. Warning: Don’t try to enter the Challenge; it’s been over for 15 years!

From the archives of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

In other matters concerning the International Hall of Fame, Swimming World obtained photos of the proposed Santa Clara Swim Center, future home of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. The city of Santa Clara hopes to build a new 3-acre International Swim Center on the other side of Central Park from its current aquatics facility that would eventually house the 7,500-square-foot Hall of Fame.

According to Bruce Wigo, Executive Director for the International Hall of Fame, the overarching factors that would make a successful marriage between Santa Clara and ISHOF are definitely in place. The new mecca of Swimming would be Santa Clara.

Centerpiece of the complex would be an Aquatic Theater, where fans would be on top of the action in the pool. Think more of courtside seats at a basketball game, less of the current standard pool setup of the fans being pushed well away from the pool.

Photo Courtesy: ISHOF
Photo Courtesy: ISHOF
Photo Courtesy: ISHOF
Photo Courtesy: ISHOF



  1. Janet Mickelburg

    If Tarzan had today’s training he would have won!

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      Phelps only began in the 21st century

    • avatar

      Probably in jail.

  2. avatar

    What the hell was that??? Everyone knows that Tarzan with the full body suit and heads up technique would crush Biondi and Spitz in any race no matter the stroke or distance. Didn’t I see Tarzan driving off in a 76 Seville?

    • avatar

      Remember there were 2 Tarzan’s in the race, both Crabbe and Weissmuller having played the part .

      • avatar
        PaU Hana

        Yes, but Weismuller is The Tarzan. Crabbe can be known as Flash Gordon for these purposes. 🙂

      • avatar

        Where would Jane have placed?

  3. Jay Swartz

    even though he was still emerging as a world star by the year 2000 michael phelps must be included. dumb.

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    Jim Spellman

    This was absolutely fantastic and very entertaining!!!
    How about some more of these “vitual races” in other events?