Watch Michael Phelps Race Video of World Best 200 Butterfly

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In what can only be described as amazing, Michael Phelps swims his fastest time in the 200 Butterfly since 2009.

Watch the race.

Michael Phelps is returning to form. Let the world beware. In tonight’s 200-meter fly final at USA Nationals, Phelps won the event with a solid 1:52.94, which is just over a half a second off his US Open Record time of 1:52.20. This is an extremely positive step in Phelps’s path back to the pinnacle of swimming. Right now, he sits atop the world in the 200-meter fly with this shocking swim.

Michael Phelps Splits
25.14 – 28.26 – 29.59 – 29.95

Michael Phelps is back. Phelps won his ninth National title in the 200 fly in an outstanding time of 1:52.94. Phelps defeated runner-up Jack Conger by more than a second and a half, and he obliterated the fastest time in the world so far this year, a 1:53.48 that Laszlo Cseh swam on his way to winning the World title in Kazan on Wednesday. And immediately following the race, Phelps smashed the water in celebration and raised his pointer finger to signal “number one.”

After collecting his award for the win, Phelps spoke with a huge crowd of assembled media. Phelps went into detail about his race, explaining how his splits compared to what he had expected and hoped for and how much pain he felt on the end. Phelps shared what it meant to him to swim so fast – his best time in the event since setting the world record six years ago – even becoming emotional towards the end of the interview.

He had a candid and emotional interview with the media after the race.


  1. Aubry Rust


    • Kevin Crawford

      Not as good as my 100 fly performance at leagues. Lol

    • Aubry Rust

      Oh my god I just peed my pants. The best performance ever

    • Kevin Crawford

      Yeah it was pretty pathetic

    • Aubry Rust

      I wish I had that on video. So your wife could see it

    • Kevin Crawford

      Would have placed if it was 75 yards. Haha

    • Aubry Rust

      Sweetie you place in my world. Always number one

  2. Kate Ericsson

    Gorgeous stroke. I never tire of watching beautiful swimmers swim