WATCH: City Hall Vote “YES” On Budget Passing of Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex


The City of Fort Lauderdale voted to approve the $27 million budget to renovate the aging Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex at the International Swimming Hall of Fame on Tuesday.

The swimming community in Fort Lauderdale expressed tremendous excitement over the passing of the budget. Many people outside of the city of Fort Lauderdale also were excited as the aging pool will finally be receiving a much needed makeover.

Fort Lauderdale was once a hot bed for swimming and diving and the Hall of Fame pool was at the epicenter of all of that. After Tuesday, Fort Lauderdale could become one of the major destinations for swimmers and divers alike.

Many of the voters in the City of Fort Lauderdale expressed the need for the pool to return to its original state, and that it was about time the pool was to be renovated again.

Fort Lauderdale mayor Dean Trantalis also said that the budget will go to renovating the locker rooms in the pool to have air conditioning, as well as become more accommodating for the athletes using them.