WADA Responds To Anti-Doping Leaders’ Demands For Reform Meeting


Not long after many of the worlds anti-doping leaders made demands for a reform meeting while at a special summit in Bonn, Germany, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has acknowledged the request and issued a response.

The request by anti-doping leaders arrived in conjunction with reform proposals, which originally came about at a summit held in Copenhagen during the month of August. The proposals laid out that one of the largest aims of reform would be to “restore confidence of clean athletes and those who value the integrity of sport,” while also moving to strengthen and empower WADA as the global regulator of doping without the influence of sport.

Olivier Niggli, WADA Director General, responded, saying,

WADA acknowledges the renewed proposals by the NADO leaders; and, would welcome meeting as they suggest to discuss them further. The renewed proposals will be considered, along with other stakeholder feedback, by the Agency’s Foundation Board on 20 November. WADA has received a lot of valuable feedback on such key topics as: sanctions and consequences for non-compliance; governance and funding; investigations; and testing. It is encouraging to hear the sentiment re-emphasized yesterday to the effect that WADA must be given greater authority, regulatory and sanctioning powers. We will take all these recommendations with us to the Foundation Board meeting; at which, the process towards a ‘roadmap’ for the anti-doping system will be drawn up.

When the Foundation Board meets on November 20, 2016 they will have many things to discuss as they consider recent proposals, recommendations, and the outcomes of the Government Forum that will take place November 17-18. Once they have considered all of the different recommendations and proposals brought forward, the Board will begin to create a “road map” for further consultation, strongly aimed at strengthening anti-doping measures.

Read the full statement from WADA here