Video Montage: How the Texas Longhorns Do Olympic Trials

Photo Courtesy: Pamela Rule

By Remedy Rule, Swimming World College Intern

As swimming popularity increases, meets like Olympic Trials gain air time. However, the coverage tends to include only the races and post race interviews. What’s the typical competing athlete’s experience at Olympic Trials? What goes on in the ready room and athlete lounge? What is the atmosphere in the athlete seating section? This video gives an inside look of the 2016 Olympic Trials from the University of Texas swimming team’s point of view.




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6 years ago

Since leaving IUPUI, have been unable to go to a trials. Thank you so very much for sharing you great big TEXAS view with us! ” everything Texas ( not from there, but my now now deceased father was based there as a young man before being shipped overseas. I miss my hero, nobody loves me or watches swimming like the two of us together. Miss you everyday dad! But on August 5, our next 16-18 days of glory won’t shine nearly as much. But I will have both eyes in RIO for the two of us. Thanks Texas, there is a heart beating in Cincinnati for all of our athletes and the black line….